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Gynecologic Cancers


Gynecologic Cancers

A gynecologic cancer diagnosis can be a stressful time for you and your loved ones. Our program offers hope and compassion to help guide you through treatment by considering the whole you. We provide leading-edge care delivered with heart, because cancer isn’t who you are — it’s what you’re fighting.

Gynecologic Cancers We Treat

Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer

Nearly 11,000 women die from uterine cancer each year. No screening tests currently exist for uterine cancers. However, a Pap smear test can sometimes identify early-stage uterine cancers.

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Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer claims the lives of more than 14,000 women each year. We recommend a yearly gynecological examination as a screening tool for ovarian cancer.

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Cervical Cancer

More than 4,000 women die from cervical cancer each year. The number of deaths has drastically decreased because of the effectiveness of the Pap smear screening test.

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Vaginal & Vulvar Cancer

Vaginal and vulvar cancers combined take the lives of more than 2,000 women each year in the United States. Annual Pap smear and gynecological exams may help detect these cancers early.

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Care for the Total Woman

Complementary Care

We treat you, not just the cancer. Women undergoing cancer treatment need extra support, so we offer:

  • Acupuncture, reiki, massage therapy and aromatherapy to help with the side effects of cancer treatment
  • Monthly support groups to ground you and give you opportunities to explore shared experiences
  • Team Phoenix, an empowering 14-week program for cancer survivors
  • Palliative care and pain treatment to address the side effects of cancer treatment


We deliver state-of-the-art care because of our emphasis on research. The more we learn, the more we can apply treatments that help women survive a cancer diagnosis. Because of our commitment to research, many women can take advantage of cancer clinical trials, which deliver care that isn’t widely available in Wisconsin.


Aurora’s gynecologic oncologists offer state-of-the art cancer treatments, including hysterectomy by laparoscopy and robotic surgery. We also provide:

The Aurora Difference

Comprehensive Gynecologic Cancer Care

Aurora Health Care has a world-class team of gynecologic specialists who expertly treat gynecologic cancers. Our team works with you to create a plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Highlights of our program at Aurora include:

  • Subspecialty expertise: Cancer care requires a strong partnership among many health specialists. Our program features a weekly meeting with all doctors involved in gynecologic cancer care. This all-hands-on-deck approach delivers better outcomes for you.
  • Convenience: Every member of your treatment team stays up-to-date on your progress, thanks to Aurora’s electronic health record. And because we offer outreach clinics throughout the state, you may be able to receive follow-up care closer to home.
  • Support: Aurora offers you the support of a nurse navigator. This person serves as your partner, helping ensure that every test and procedure is completed so you don’t miss a step on your road to recovery.


Vaccine Update

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