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Cancer Treatments


Personalized Cancer Care

At Aurora Health Care, your doctors make thoughtful treatment recommendations based on your needs. They take the time to help you thoroughly understand your options, including the risks and benefits.

While some people may just need one type of cancer treatment, most undergo a combination of therapies. Your team tailors recommendations based on your:

  • Specific diagnosis, including cancer type and stage
  • Age and overall health
  • Likelihood to experience side effects
  • Treatment goals and preferences

Download a copy of Mind, Body, Spirit, our free treatment guide for cancer patients.

Treatment Options

Getting the Help You Need

Your cancer treatment options may include:

  • Ablation: These minimally invasive procedures can destroy some tumors by using heat, cold or electric current. You have access to a range of options, including NanoKnife, a newer treatment for liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. Learn more about cancer ablation.
  • Chemotherapy: We designed our chemotherapy infusion areas for your comfort and support. You also have access to the latest drugs and drug combinations. One technique, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC), provides direct, concentrated treatment for abdominal cancers. Learn more about chemotherapy.
  • Hormone therapy: The growth of some cancers depends on your body’s hormones. Certain medications block the production or use of hormones to stop or slow cancer or prevent it from returning. Learn more about breast cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Radiation therapy: You will find the latest techniques, including options to safely speed up treatment or more precisely target cancer. One tool, CyberKnife radiosurgery, achieves both goals. It can also help you avoid surgery for some cancers. Aurora was the first Wisconsin program to use CyberKnife, giving us the most experience in the state. Learn more about radiation therapy.
  • Stem cell transplants: For blood cancers, your team may collect some of your stem cells before high-dose chemotherapy. Doctors then reinject the stem cells so they can form new blood cells. Learn more about autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT).
  • Surgery: When you need surgery, you may have the option to have a minimally invasive procedure, including surgeries with robotic assistance. Aurora surgeons specialize in minimally invasive approaches. Learn more about cancer surgery.
  • Targeted therapy: Newer medications focus on specific cancer cell targets to stop cancers from growing or spreading. Unlike chemotherapy, these drugs largely avoid healthy cells.

Clinical Trials

Explore Your Options With New Cancer Treatments

You can try new treatment options before they become widely available with the Aurora Research Institute offering more than 150 cancer clinical trials. The studies include a range of treatments, including sequencing tumors to help identify targeted drug therapy.

You can also participate closer to home, thanks to a federal grant that brings clinical trial access to all Aurora cancer clinics. All Aurora oncologists can enroll you in a trial, making the process even easier. Search Clinical Trials.

The Aurora Difference

New Cancer Treatments, Specialized Doctors & Personalized Plans

You can feel confident you’re receiving the cancer treatment you need at Aurora, provided by one of Wisconsin’s most experienced teams. You will find:

  • Latest cancer treatments: You have access to the latest equipment and techniques, from a program committed to adopting innovations that improve care. For example, precision medicine for cancer sequences tumors and provides new hope for people with metastasized, stage 4 cancers.
  • Expertise: Many of the 160-plus cancer doctors at Aurora specialize in a particular cancer or group of related cancers. These specialists have developed deep expertise in the type of cancer you need help with, and they use the latest research and treatment approaches. Learn more about your cancer team, or find a doctor.
  • Team approach: The various specialists you need pool their expertise, so you receive a comprehensive treatment plan as soon as possible. Team members from multiple disciplines meet together to discuss most cases in our tumor boards. For many cancers, you can complete post-diagnosis evaluation and treatment planning in one day, avoiding repeat visits.
  • Coordination: All Aurora cancer clinics use a shared electronic medical record, so your information is up-to-date for all your Aurora providers.
  • Consistency: Your team follows treatment guidelines developed by Via Oncology, a collaborative group that includes other top national programs. The guidelines are based on the best available evidence.
  • Convenience: With 19 clinics across eastern Wisconsin, you can receive much of your treatment close to home. This accessibility relieves the burden of travel and lets you remain near your support network of family and friends.

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