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Advancements in Cancer Care

Giving you the best care starts by continually improving what we do. Keep up on our latest advancements in cancer care.

Advancementsin Cancer Care

Cancer Newsletters

2020 Issues

Cancer Care News & Views, Winter 2020 [PDF]

  • Cancer Care Community Outreach During a Pandemic
  • Developing Partnerships to Reduce the Cost of Cancer Care
  • Stem Cell Transplant Program Advancements
  • Special Issue of Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews Presents “Women and Cancer”
  • Oncology Integrative Medicine and Aurora Foundation Collaborate to Continue to Provide Integrative Therapies to Cancer Patients
  • Precision Medicine Study of Genetically Guided Treatments for Brain Tumors


  • Advocate Aurora Health Treats More Lung Cancer Patients in Wisconsin Than Any Other Health Care System
  • Lung Nodule Clinic at Aurora BayCare Medical Center
  • Aurora Cancer Care's Nineteen Lung Cancer Alliance Certified Lung Cancer Screening Sites across Wisconsin
  • Cancer Nurse Navigation through Multidisciplinary Care
  • Highlights of the Thoracic Cancer Surgery Program
  • Advanced Treatment Options for Lung Cancers
  • Beyond Lung Cancer - Survivorship
  • Smoking Risks Beyond Lung Cancer

Cancer Care News & Views, Fall 2020 [PDF]

  • iPad Technology Increases and Improves Integrative Oncology Care
  • Research Institute Joins Long-Term Outcome Study of Patients with Both Cancer and COVID-19
  • Hereditary Cancer Prevention and Management Center Celebrates Five Year Anniversary
  • Dignicap Scalp Cooling Now Available
  • Community Outreach - Acts of Kindness from Community Partners
  • Matching Unrelated Donors for Life-Saving Bone Marrow Transplants

Cancer Care News & Views, Summer 2020 [PDF]

  • Heightened Safety Measures – Safe Care Promise
  • Advocate Aurora Health Joins COVID-19 & Cancer Consortium
  • Community Outreach: HPV Education Program Updates
  • Integrative Cancer Care: We’ve Got Your Back
  • Managing Your Financial Wellbeing
  • Advocate Aurora Providers Join the Fight for Air Climb
  • Aurora Cancer Care Introduces Video Visits
  • Celebrating Over 156,000 Cancer Survivors

Cancer Care News & Views, Spring 2020 [PDF]

  • Researchers Provide Evidence of Potential Treatment for Drug-Resistant Breast Cancer
  • Connecting Community Partnerships to Increase Cancer Screening Access
  • QOPI® Gives Aurora Cancer Care a Perfect Score!
  • Aurora Cancer Care’s Lead in Diversity and Inclusion Throughout Our Communities
  • Aurora Integrative Cancer Care: More Than Just a Pill

2019 Issues

Cancer Care News & Views, Winter 2019 [PDF]

  • Aurora, UW Collaboration to Improve Guidelines for Bladder Cancer
  • Cancer Care Close to My Heart
  • Highlights of ASCO
  • Surgical Oncology Fellowship Program – One of 28 Nationwide
  • Integrative Cancer Care Reiki Program Poster Presented at Society of Integrative Oncology International Conference
  • Top Five Reasons to Participate in Community Outreach

Cancer Care News & Views, Fall 2019 [PDF]

  • Aurora receives $10.2M NCORP grant
  • Community outreach teams with social work navigation
  • Autologous stem cell transplant survivorship celebration
  • Aurora Health only Wisconsin site to join study for common leukemia type
  • Reflections on art therapy

Cancer Care News & Views, Summer 2019 [PDF]

  • Lymphedema precautions update
  • Cancer treatment options often covered with off-label medications
  • Advocate Health Care oncology sites integrate with Aurora NCORP
  • Aurora Health Care receives Helen Bader Schoolof Social Welfare award
  • Connecting people to oral cancer screenings
  • Jamie Cairo, DNP, receives Kenosha News top nurses award

Cancer Care News & Views, Spring 2019 [PDF]

  • Tobacco-Free Initiatives in Milwaukee Communities
  • Aurora Cancer Care’s Nine Lung Cancer Screening Programs Earn Lung Cancer Alliance Certification
  • NCORP Updates
  • Aurora Health Care Recognized for Highest Quality by Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS)
  • Call Us First! Campaign Reduces Unnecessary Emergency Department Visits and Hospitalizations

2018 Issues

Cancer Care News & Views, December 2018 [PDF]

  • Surgical Oncology Fellowship Program Launch
  • Eddie Adds Players to his Team
  • Marija Bjegovich-Weidman Excellence in Oncology Award Recipients
  • Michael Thompson, MD, Named Advocacy Champion by the American Society of Clinical Oncology

Cancer Care News & Views, October 2018 [PDF]

  • 10th Anniversary of Pink Possible
  • Integrative Therapies Bring Cancer Care to the Next Level
  • Team Phoenix Completes Record Setting Season
  • Low Dose Lung Cancer Screening

Cancer Care News & Views, August 2018 [PDF]

  • Spotlight on the Spanish Cancer Clinic
  • Integrative medicine now available for surgical oncology patients
  • Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation gifts
  • Survivorship planning

Cancer Care News & Views, March 2018 [PDF]

  • Bringing HPV awareness to Milwaukee Public Schools
  • Welcome to new cancer care providers
  • Summer walks to support cancer care
  • National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Community Research Program update


2017 Issues

Cancer Care News & Views, December 2017 [PDF]

  • Precision Medicine, molecular profiling of a person’s tumor during treatment
  • Aurora treats more lung cancer than any other health care system in Wisconsin
  • Changing the face of cancer survivorship
  • Aurora Cancer Care receives 2017 ACCC Innovator Award


Cancer Care News & Views, October 2017 [PDF]

  • Cancer Knows No Borders — real stories of survival and hope
  • New clinical trial for cancer patients suffering from insomnia
  • Early detection, team approach provides reassurance to Aurora employee
  • Tackling cancer one Lombardi Walk at a time
  • The power of team phoenix


Cancer Care Connection, April 2017 [PDF]

  • Aurora Cancer Care performs new treatment for pancreas and liver cancer
  • New medication for advanced ovarian cancer
  • Herbals/supplements and your chemotherapy


2016 Issues

Cancer Care Connection, December 2016 [PDF]

  • Frequently asked questions about vaccines for cancer patients
  • New medications for bladder/non-small cell lung cancers and soft tissue sarcoma
  • Donors support new Southern Lakes Cancer Center
  • Aurora offers Spanish Cancer Clinic


Cancer Care Connection, October 2016 [PDF]

  • Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation donates $250,000 to support Aurora Cancer Care
  • New treatment options for people with kidney cancer


Cancer Care Connection, July 2016 [PDF]

  • How the Lombardi Walk/Run to Tackle Cancer brings families closer together
  • Aurora Cancer Care offers free educational courses
  • New cancer care experts


Cancer Care Connection, March 2016 [PDF]

  • Aurora Cancer Care’s Cancer Nurse Navigator program
  • Cancer support groups
  • Celebrating a Second Chance at Life Survivorship Symposium — 2016
  • Southeastern Wisconsin Oncology Nursing Society survivor event


Cancer Care Connection, January 2016 [PDF]

  • Aurora Integrative Medicine: enhancing cancer care
  • Warrior quilt empowers cancer patients
  • Harnessing the power of scent to combat effects of cancer and treatment
  • Expanded cancer services at new Aurora Health Center – Southern Lakes


2015 Issues

Cancer Care Connection, December 2015 [PDF]

  • Wheel & Sprocket helps Team Phoenix athletes — one bike at a time
  • 2015 Research Champion Award


Cancer Care Connection, October 2015 [PDF]

  • 885 thoracic surgical procedures performed in 2014
  • New research could lead to more treatment options for cancer patients
  • Cancer support groups


Cancer Care Connection, June 2015 [PDF]

  • How you can become a Partner in Cancer Care
  • How you may benefit from brain mapping
  • Team Phoenix is looking for you


Cancer Care Connection, April 2015 [PDF]

  • Aurora Cancer Care pharmacists: get to know your team
  • Multiple Myeloma research at Aurora Health Care
  • How you can help women who “fall through the cracks”
  • Aurora Cancer Care receives 8th annual Foley Cancer Center Innovator Award
  • How Integrative Medicine is giving new hope to cancer patients
  • Supporting others along their cancer journey


2014 Issues

Cancer Care Connection, September 2014 [PDF]

  • Aurora Health Care awarded $3.8 million grant to guide cancer patient to clinical trials
  • What cancer gave me: Janna’s story
  • Breast cancer heterogeneity
  • Frequently asked questions about lung cancer screenings
  • Clinical teaching at Aurora Cancer Care pharmacy
  • Affording the cost of your cancer treatment
  • Using technology to meet the patient where they are


Cancer Care Connection, Spring 2014 [PDF]

  • How palliative care can enhance your quality of life
  • New Aurora Health Care Center open in Kenosha
  • Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation provides $610,000 for local cancer care and research


2013 Issues

Cancer Care Connection, Winter 2013/2014 [PDF]

  • Aurora Health Care receives recognition from largest oncology society in the US
  • You’ve heard the words “you have cancer.” So now what?
  • Breast cancer recurrence rates
  • What are clinical trials
  • Special attention for special medical needs
  • Upright stereotactic breast biopsy unity
  • Business leader wants to make people’s lives better after autologous stem cell transplant


Cancer Care Connection, June 2013 [PDF]

  • Help tackle cancer with the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation
  • Aurora Specialty Pharmacy: better for you
  • Aurora massage therapists: touching the lives of people living with cancer


Cancer Care Connection, March 2013 [PDF]

  • Get to know your team
  • Ways to fight the common cold virus
  • Autologous bone marrow transplant program re-accreditation


2012 Issues

Cancer Care Connection, December 2012 [PDF]

  • How to navigate the holiday eating season during cancer treatment
  • 12 steps to managing holiday stress


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