Michael Culotti, CAc

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Michael Culotti, MSW, MPA, Dipl-Ac, has studied and practiced the ancient Chinese healing arts of how the body's vital energy, called "qi" ("chee"), flows and impacts health and longevity. As a licensed acupuncturist, he helps patients build their natural immune systems and alleviate pain, and aids them in achieving balance of mind, body and spirit. With a special interest in women's health, he works closely with Aurora Fertility Services and other departments at Aurora West Allis Medical Center. His patients also benefit from his expertise in tai chi, another branch of traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on movement and meditation.

Michael is a magna cum laude graduate of the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. He completed an intensive training program at the International Training Center in Guangzhou, China. This resulted in a deepening of his cultural understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and a certificate in nutritional counseling. He also is a certified tai chi ch'uan instructor, and has extensive background in trauma counseling from his previous career in social work. In addition to his acupuncture training, Michael earned two master's degrees from Syracuse University - one in social work and one in public administration.

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