High Quality Carefor Your Life

What Makes "High Quality"?

For Aurora, it’s about offering care for your life, not just for your health. We do this by:

  • Promoting health care innovation, and staying up on the latest advances
  • Setting high goals for ourselves
  • Keeping track of our progress as we reach those goals

You have a right to expect high quality wherever you go for health care. But how do you define it?

At Aurora Health Care, quality is the degree to which we give our patients better results than they can get anywhere else.

That means we need to:

  • Update our knowledge through continuous research on "best practices" - that is, how medical and nursing science prove to be the best possible ways to prevent or treat specific problems
  • Set goals for ourselves, based on medical science and on what health care systems with the best results in the country are doing
  • Keep track of our progress and continually set higher goals

How We Deliver Quality

We continually strive to give high quality care and results. It is a promise we take very seriously. In order to deliver high quality, we have a step-by-step approach that is carried out across our entire organization.

Our main approach to delivering high quality is Care Management.

Care Management is a coordinated, patient-centered approach to finding better ways of preventing and treating health problems. The Care Management approach to quality means that we work together to:

  • Define the health care needs of the people we serve
  • Research the best ways to meet those needs
  • Design a plan of action that can be carried out by all of our health professionals
  • Measure our results (against national standards)