Family Medicine ResidencyCurriculum

Curriculum Overview

Our Family Medicine Residency clinics are the center of our program, which is designed to train expert clinicians in the outpatient office setting. Both of our resident clinics provide outstanding, unique sites to build patient relationships and continuity clinic experience.

In addition, our program offers:

  • A focus on community health. The Community Health, Advocacy and Managing Populations (CHAMP) curriculum integrates throughout residency training.
  • Inpatient rotations in adult medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics, along with specialty rotations at some of the finest community hospitals and clinics in the Midwest.
  • Ample time for electives. Residents may choose focused areas of interest, including international rotations.

Rotation List

The Family Medicine Residency program offers more than 20 different opportunities to gain training in inpatient medicine. In addition to core rotations, a wide variety of electives are available. Elective rotation experiences can also be tailored by working with a faculty advisor.

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Behavioral Medicine

Community Health, Advocacy and Managing Populations (CHAMP)

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Emergency Medicine (ER)

Family Medicine Teaching Service (FMTS)

Future Family Physician (FFP) Series


Gynecology (GYN) and Women’s Health

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

Management of Health Systems (MHS)


Obstetrics (OB)


Orientation to Family Medicine Residency

Orthopedics (Ortho)

Pediatric Emergency Medicine – Children’s Hospital of WI (Peds ER)

Pediatric Office

Pediatric Wards at Children’s Hospital of WI

Sports Medicine



Sample Schedule

This sample schedule shows first-, second- and third-year rotations and electives:

First Year Second Year Third Year
Orientation FMTS FMTS
FMTS Night Float/MHS Night Float/MHS
Integrated Wellness CHAMP 2 Intro to Private Practice
OB OB Ortho 2/Women’s Health
OB Peds ER ENT#/Optho#
Peds Wards Peds Office 1 Peds Office 2
CHAMP 1 Geriatrics Senior Selective
ICU Ortho 1 Sports Med#
ER 1 Psych# Elective or OB*
Newborn GYN Elective or OB*
Surgery Urology#/Elective# Elective
Intern Selective Elective Elective

* High-track OB
# Can be taken second or third year

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