GME Pillars

Your well being is our top priority. Our goal is to take the best care of you, so you can learn how to take the best care of your patients.


The quality of care you experience in your residency and fellowship training directly affects the quality of care you will provide over the next 20 years of your career.

The practice of medicine is constantly changing. Physicians need to constantly learn how to adapt their practice to the needs of their patients by gathering and interpreting practice data and integrating the lessons learned into their practices. As a large, high-quality integrated health care system, Aurora is the perfect learning environment to become equipped with the skills needed for your future practice.


Physicians are known as leaders in health care settings and in communities. We are asked to lead committees and serve in leadership roles in both formal and informal settings. Therefore, the successful physician needs to have the skills to lead teams of caregivers to take care of populations of people.

At Aurora, we are part of a large physician-led medical group that anticipates your leadership training needs and provides ample opportunities for you to serve in our programs, our clinics, our hospitals and our medical group.


Aurora Health Care is one of the premier organizations in the country. Our innovative approaches to patient care range from discovery research to clinical quality improvement and international clinical trials.

Our academic programs drive the innovation for our health system as the incubators for ideas and the learning labs for implementation. Our medical students, residents and fellows learn and provide care in the best of both worlds — world-class innovation in community hospital and clinic settings.

Team-Based Patient Care

At Aurora Health Care, our purpose is to help people live well. Taking the best care of our patients and communities requires a team effort.

In the past, medical education focused on making sure that each individual had the medical knowledge and clinical skills required to practice independently. While those attributes are still required, an effective physician now needs to be equipped to work in teams with other caregivers to achieve the best outcomes.

At Aurora, our graduate medical education programs are designed to place you in a supportive environment to develop the skills needed to be an excellent physician, both now and in the future.

Population Health

Since the beginning of our profession, physicians have been trained to take great care of individual patients in health care settings. Traditionally, this is when someone is already ill and the goal becomes treatment and secondary prevention.

At Aurora Health Care, we also recognize that the future physician needs to acknowledge and address the upstream causes including primary prevention of modifiable risk factors and addressing the social determinants of health at the population level.

This requires training in a different way and learning not only how to treat disease, but how to prevent it in order to keep patients happy, healthy and safe at home for as long as possible.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Aurora’s broad and integrated system not only affords you new opportunities but also new places to explore – from Lake Geneva to Milwaukee to Green Bay.

Visiting Residents

Learn how to apply and view requirements for an elective rotation.

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