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Preparing for YourDoctor Appointment

Before Your Appointment

If it’s your first time visiting this doctor, you should bring:

  • Copies of your medical records. Include test results, lab reports and letters from doctors you’ve seen in the past
  • Your insurance information
  • A list of medications you’re taking, including prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, herbal products and vitamins (you can also bring the medicine bottles)
  • The name and number of your pharmacy

Before every doctor appointment, you should:

  • Jot down any medical symptoms you have, when they appeared and anything you've done that's made you feel better or worse
  • Note times and numbers of home tests, such as your temperature
  • List any allergies, especially those concerning medicine or food
  • Review your family’s history of serious illnesses or surgeries. “Family” refers to your parents, siblings and grandparents on both sides
  • Review your diet and exercise habits, as well as your recent sleeping habits
  • Make a note of any other health concerns you might want to discuss
  • Think about what you want from your doctor on this particular visit

During Your Appointment

Ask your doctor:

  • What their diagnosis is
  • If they will be ordering any tests. If so, ask what they’re hoping to find out
  • If they recommend a treatment plan and how you can prevent a repeat occurrence
  • If you should call to get your results, or if they will call you
  • If you need to make a follow-up appointment
  • If you get a prescription, ask if it has any special instructions or side effects


Vaccine Update

We’re vaccinating anyone in Illinois and Wisconsin who’s 16 and older – whether you’re our patient or not – with the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. We’ve paused use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. See why.

After Your Appointment

After your appointment, make sure to follow your doctor's advice, and remember to make and keep any recommended follow-up appointments.

Call your doctor's office if:

  • You have questions about the instructions
  • You feel worse
  • You experience worrisome side effects from any medication
  • If other problems appear