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Volunteer ProgramFAQs


What kind of volunteer opportunities are available at Aurora Health Care?

Volunteers fill a variety of critical positions throughout our hospitals and clinics. Some of these positions involve direct interaction with our patients, while others enhance the patient experience from behind the scenes.

Some of our most sought-after volunteer positions include:

  • Serving as a Patient Ambassador or guide
  • Bringing freshly-baked cookies to patients and visitors
  • Greeting patients at reception
  • Sharing music and art with patients
  • Providing comfort as a Patient Companion

Our volunteer opportunities are vast - for a more complete list of ways to get involved, click here. And don’t forget to tell us about your interests when you apply to volunteer!

Which volunteer positions are available at the location nearest me?

The hospitals and clinics that participate in our volunteer program have a variety of volunteer positions available at any given time.

When you apply to become a volunteer, be sure to indicate which location and volunteer opportunities you’re most interested in. We’ll do our best to find a strong match between your interests and our needs.

You’ll also get more specific information about the types of available positions during your volunteer orientation and onboarding.

Do you have NICU Assistant (baby-holding) volunteer positions?

Yes! We’re currently looking to fill NICU Assistant positions at many of our Aurora locations. This position often involves baby holding as well as other vital tasks and responsibilities within the NICU. Be sure to indicate your interest in the NICU on your application form.

Is there a waiting list to become a NICU Assistant?

Depending on the volunteer location, there may be a waiting list to volunteer in the NICU.

Many waiting lists move quickly. For example, it may only take a week to a few months to start volunteering in the NICU at Aurora Sinai. Other waiting lists are longer – the current waiting list to volunteer in the NICU at Aurora West Allis Medical Center is over one year. 

If there’s a wait to volunteer at your preferred NICU location, it’s a good idea to get started in another position at that hospital. That way, you’ll develop relationships with caregivers and be first to know when a NICU Assistant position becomes available.

I only have to complete a certain number of hours for my school or church volunteer requirement. Can I only serve that many hours?

We require all of our Aurora volunteers to commit to a minimum of 64 hours of service. This ensures all of our patients get optimum care from experienced, committed volunteers. The good news is that many of our volunteers find it easy, fast, and fun to fulfill the minimum hours requirement.

How can my pet and I become Pet Therapy Volunteers?

  1. Make sure your pet is certified by one of three recognized organizations: Therapy Dogs International, Delta Society or Pets Helping People.
  2. Provide proof of pet insurance and annual rabies vaccinations.
  3. Include your interest in Pet Therapy on your volunteer application so we can share more specific information about getting started.


How can I apply to become a volunteer?

There are two ways to apply to become a volunteer at Aurora:

  1. Complete our online application form – Simply click here to begin the application process. Be sure to fill out the form completely so we can process your application quickly and accurately.
  2. Complete a paper application form – If you’d prefer to fill out a paper application form, please contact Michelle Tisljar by calling (262) 329-4615.

What is the age requirement for volunteering?

The minimum age for volunteering at a hospital is 15, but some volunteer opportunities require a minimum age of 18. When we place you in a volunteer position, we’ll take your age, preferred location, and interests into account.

How many hours do I have to commit to?

All Aurora volunteers commit to a minimum of 64 hours of service. And with so many ways to get involved, you’ll be surprised at how quick and easy it is to meet this minimum.

How many hours do I have to volunteer each week?

Most Aurora volunteers must commit to a minimum of 64 hours of service. However, some locations require a commitment of just 24 hours per year. No matter how much time you spend volunteering, you’ll be surprised at how fast and fun it is to meet the minimum hours for your location.

Can I volunteer more than the required amount?

Absolutely! Depending on the available hours at your volunteer location, you may be able to volunteer as many hours as you wish.

What's the difference between the volunteer orientation and onboarding?

Your volunteer orientation gives you a general overview of the Aurora Health Care System and the policies of our volunteer programs. You can attend the orientation at any of the Aurora Health Care Sites - it doesn’t necessarily have to be at the location where you’ll be volunteering.

Your volunteer onboarding will give you location-specific information about the hospital or clinic where you wish to volunteer.

At your onboarding, you’ll:

  • Learn about your location’s dress code
  • Complete any needed paperwork
  • Fill out your health information
  • Complete your volunteer schedule

Health Screenings

What immunizations are required for Aurora Health Care volunteers?

The Aurora Health Care Volunteer Program requires all volunteers to be vaccinated with the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMRA) vaccine, as well as a flu shot during flu season.

  • You’ll need to provide us with proof of your MMRA vaccination. If you don’t have a record of this but were born in the state of Wisconsin, check the Wisconsin Immunization Registry to obtain a copy of your vaccination records.
  • If you’re volunteering at a hospital or clinic during the fall or winter, you’ll need to get a flu vaccine. We’ll provide you with more information about this at your volunteer interview.

When and where should I get a tuberculosis (TB) test?

If you haven’t already had a TB test, you’ll get one during the volunteer application process.

  • Typically you’ll get tested after your orientation or around the time of your interview.
  • Part of the testing process will involves completing paperwork about your medical history and filling out a TB test form.
  • You’ll get more information about where to go to get your TB test from the volunteer coordinator of your specific hospital or clinic. Luckily, many of our volunteer locations have ACL Lab Service Centers, which offer TB testing.

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