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Premier Training for Marriage & Family Therapists

Since its establishment in 1972, the Family Therapy Training Institute (FTTI) has provided mental health professionals the advanced skills needed to remain at the forefront of family systems therapy.

You’ll gain clinical knowledge through real-world experience alongside expert clinical therapists and supervisors. Our program is designed for therapists working full time. Training culturally competent therapists for underserved and minority communities is at the core of our mission. Tuition assistance is available for select minority students.

Upon completion, you’ll meet the academic requirements for marriage and family therapy licensure (LMFT), and have accumulated at least half (500) of the required supervised hours (1,000) for licensure.

Our Philosophy

Training is built on concepts and interventions that positively affect family relationships within a social context. We focus on teaching ways of assessing, diagnosing, understanding, and intervening to facilitate change in dysfunctional patterns, and to recognize and use the strengths of individual, couple, family and societal systems.

As a student at FTTI, you’ll strengthen your therapeutic skills through intensive individual and group supervision. You’ll also learn how to integrate academic materials and clinical experiences into a well-defined personal practice style.


Call us to discuss the current costs of the program. If needed, you can make arrangements to pay for your tuition in monthly installments.

Most students are able to maintain full-time employment throughout the program. If you’re a professional currently practicing in the community, you can audit any FTTI course at a reduced rate.



To apply for the program, you must have:

  • A graduate degree (e.g., master's or doctorate degree in social work, psychology, nursing, pastoral counseling, or related behavioral science field) or medical degree from an accredited institution. Applicants without a qualifying degree may be admitted toward achieving a primary mental health degree.
  • Desire and sufficient maturity to engage in family therapy.
  • Capacity for self-awareness and self-reflectiveness.
  • Eligibility for a Marriage and Family Therapy Training License.

In addition to the above requirements, postgraduate clinical experience is recommended.


Graduation from the program is based on:

  • 360 class hours in six specified areas of marriage and family therapy studies. In some cases, classes may be transferred from former graduate studies.
  • 500 clinical hours* — face-to-face, direct contact with clients (counted toward licensure if entering Institute with qualifying degree).
  • 100+ hours of individual and group supervision.
  • Passage of final competency-based portfolio assessment (presented to faculty in summer of graduation year).

*A total of 1,000 hours is required for an MFT license.

Course Descriptions

Get an overview of the marriage and family therapy courses we commonly teach. (Note that courses may not represent our current offerings.)

View Course Descriptions

Program Handbook

Get a more in depth overview of our program by reviewing our most recent Program Handbook.


Family Therapy Training Institute (FTTI) Student Criteria

The Family Therapy Training Institute is accredited by the Council on Accreditation in Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE). This rigorous process ensures that we are engaged in a process of continually improving the quality of education offered to our students. COAMFTE provides up to date information about the core educational outcomes of all accredited MFT training programs, including FTTI. These student achievement outcomes include the rates of graduation, passage of the national exam, and State licensure.

View COAMFTE Student Achievement Criteria Data for Family Therapy Training Institute

How to Apply

Apply online or call Aurora Family Service at (414) 342-4560 to get started. A representative will explain the application process and the information you’ll need to provide, which may include:

  • Your resume
  • A transcript of your graduate studies, sent directly from the awarding institution
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your professional or community volunteer work
  • A non-refundable $50 application fee

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