Money Management Help


Financial Support And Advice You Can Trust

Need assistance managing your day-to-day finances? Turn to Aurora Family Service’s Daily Money Management program to get personalized, in-home help managing your money.

Our skilled financial representatives have been helping seniors for more than 30 years. Get a sense of security and peace of mind knowing an experienced, objective and insured expert is managing your finances.

Who We Help

We provide safe, secure and convenient financial assistance to:

  • Seniors
  • Adult children responsible for managing an aging parent’s financial affairs
  • Frequent travelers
  • Anyone who struggles with paperwork


Our Daily Money Management program services may include:

  • Basic money management
  • Developing and maintaining a budget
  • Assistance with paying bills
  • Reconciliation of bank statements and other banking tasks
  • Coordination of benefits and income sources
  • Assistance in completing and submitting forms (e.g., Social Security, Title 19, financial forms)
  • Help with medical and insurance benefits and bills
  • Establishing a reliable filing system

How It Works


When you enroll in our program, you’ll be assigned a money management representative. Together, you and your representative (and family members, if you wish) will work together to complete a comprehensive assessment.

This assessment helps determine your financial situation, your service needs and wants, and how we can develop a customized service plan that works best for you.

Making A Payment Plan

Ensuring you pay your bills on time is a key part of your plan. You’ll be able to pay your monthly bills in one of two ways:

  • Writing checks for bills directly from your checking account
  • Establishing a Simplicity Account, which is held and managed by Aurora Family Service

If you choose a Simplicity Account, Aurora Family Service will receive your bills at our office and pay them directly from this account, so you don’t have to worry about them. Your representative will determine the amount needed to pay your monthly bills and arrange for you to deposit the appropriate funds ahead of time.

Regular Check-ins

You and your representative will review your service plan every six months to see if any changes are needed. However, you can add, change or remove plan services at any time.

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For more information, call Aurora Family Service.

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