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Anticoagulation Clinics Help Manage Blood Clot Medications

A blood clot can happen inside your body when a group of blood cells build up and stick together (coagulate). When a blood clot blocks a blood vessel, the result can be serious – even life threatening.

Blood clots can cause heart attack, stroke and other heart and vascular conditions.

We prescribe anticoagulants (blood thinners) to some people to help prevent clots, but this treatment can be complicated. Fortunately, Aurora Health Care’s team can help.

Our Anticoagulation Clinics, available at 23 locations in Wisconsin and northern Illinois, provide blood testing, dosing instructions and education. Our goal is to minimize problems with blood thinners and bring you peace of mind.

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Monitoring Anticoagulants for Better Health

Anticoagulation therapy often involves taking drugs that work to prevent and treat blood clots. The most commonly prescribed anti-clotting drug is warfarin. You might know it by the brand names Coumadin® or Jantoven®.

Warfarin is very effective, but your doctor needs to actively manage your dosage. Our Anticoagulation Clinics offer:

  • INR tests: The international normalized ratio (INR) for blood thinners ensures you are taking a dose that is safe yet effective. The INR test is a simple finger stick. We’ll discuss your results with you right away, at the clinic visit.
  • Review of drug interactions: Some other medications negatively interact with warfarin. Regular medication checks can help keep you free of blood clots and dangerous interactions.
  • Dosage changes: Sometimes, drug dosages need to change. You might need an update if your weight changes, your activity level increases or decreases, your diet changes, or the drug becomes less effective or too effective.

Good communication with your health care providers is key if you’re using these drugs or other therapies. Regular health checks at our Anticoagulation Clinics can help you safely and successfully manage your anticoagulation therapy and lower your risk of complications.

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