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Diagnostic Sonography Program Testimonials

Student Testimonials 


"The past 21 months have been filled with nothing short of great learning opportunities, dedicated instructors, and helpful sonographers. The variety of clinical sites, scan labs, and course work strongly contributed to the excellent education I received at Advocate Aurora. Each instructor is truly committed to helping students in the way that they encourage questions and never hesitate to go the extra mile. There are many sonographers at the clinical sites who go above and beyond to teach students. Their kindness and helpful hints are what make the clinical experience worthwhile. It is exciting to see that both the instructors and sonographers passion for ultrasound is being shared with the students they teach every day." – Brooke Krueger

"I have made lifelong friendships throughout this program with my fellow colleagues and clinical instructors. This program set me up for success in my future endeavors with hands on learning styles and visual aids; classes, scan labs and clinical rotations. For me, it was most important to have a close relationship with my teachers and was benefited with one-on-one time due to our class size. I have learned so much working with our clinical affiliates and am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from previous students as well. These rotations helped me build connections in the sonography realm which ultimately led to the job position I have accepted upon graduation within Advocate Aurora!" – Madeline Walters

"This program was amazing because as students it gave us great educational resources as well as provided us with an extensive variety of scanning opportunities! Our clinical sites allowed us to gain experience with many different exams and procedure types while working in both hospital and clinical settings. I also really appreciated the registry review courses we did because they thoroughly prepared me for my board exams and I was able to complete them before graduation." – Bethany De Valk

"My favorite thing about the program was the AMAZING integration between the different clinical disorders that were studied in books and classroom notes, and then scanning them during our clinical rotations. It truly brought everything together and made me a more analytical sonographer." – Rotem Halmann

"My favorite part of the program was the amount of clinical experience it provided and the faculty and clinical instructors. Being able to rotate through several hospitals and clinics gave me a better idea of the kind of facility I wanted to work at and let me get a feel for all the different settings. The people I was able to work with made this program great, too; everyone provided tips and advice that really helped me develop my skills." – Emily Jaenke

"The Aurora School of Diagnostic Medical Sonography has prepared me to work as a full-time sonographer. The instructors teach the material effectively and are always available for questions. The registry reviews were wonderful and I felt so prepared to pass my boards! The clinical rotations were all great and provided a wide variety of exams to gain experience. This program has changed my life and I'm grateful for all the opportunities I've had, lessons I've learned and for the sonographers I've come to know throughout these last two years". – Brittany Greene

"I had an accepted position months before graduation due to the influence of some of the most talented, intelligent and compassionate sonographers in the field of ultrasound. A BIG thanks to the program for preparing me for the boards and helping me achieve the career of my dreams." – Abby Payne

Graduate Survey responses to "What are the strengths of the program?"

  • "The variety of clinical sites and the experiences we get from each and every one of them."
  • "Being able to perform every exam with quality and accuracy. Every place that I started a new job at (three places) was able to ‘train’ me in minimal amounts of time because they trusted in my skills after watching me scan. I can communicate to other health care professionals and physicians effectively."
  • "The people involved are all knowledgeable and willing to teach and explain concepts. The different clinical sites are great as well, so you get experience with different sizes of hospitals, types of patients, different doctors and sonographers."
  • "That we are able to take all of our boards before graduation!"
  • "I was very well prepared with an abundance of knowledge while leaving this program. I was over prepared to take all of my board exams. All of the skills that I have learned have helped me to adapt well into the workforce."
  • "The program prepared me for a smooth transition into entry level sonography sooner than others through the independence level that I had during my last few semesters as a student. Another strength would be the variety of clinical experiences during the program that helped me adjust to both hospital and clinic employment."

Employer Testimonials

Employer survey

Responses to "What are the strengths of the graduate(s) of this program?"

  • "Knowledge of their specialty, confidence, ability to communicate."
  • "Number of clinical sites and system sonographers that the students are exposed to, advanced skill exposure (MSK, MSK injections, elastography, contrast, etc.)."
  • "She has fantastic clinical thinking skills and has performed independently at an early stage."
  • "Her productivity is fantastic, especially at such an early stage of her career."
  • "Variety of skills and experiences gained from didactic material and clinical learning and experiences."
  • "Clinical knowledge, patient care, scanning ability, responsible."

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