Residency and FellowshipSalary & Benefits


Pay grades are readjusted annually. 2019–2020 salaries are:

PG I (1st Year Resident): $61,000 PG V (2nd Year Fellow): $68,000
PG II (2nd Year Resident): $62,000 PG VI (3rd Year Fellow): $70,000
PG III (3rd Year Resident): $64,000 PG VII (4th Year Fellow): $73,000
PG IV (1st Year Fellow): $66,000 PG VIII (5th Year Fellow): $75,000


Professional Liability Insurance

Aurora Health Care provides professional liability insurance while you’re completing your residency or fellowship training program. During your first year as a trainee, or when you are not yet licensed to practice medicine in Wisconsin, you’re included in the professional liability insurance policy of the medical center.

When you’re a licensed trainee, professional liability coverage is provided by a policy purchased by the medical center. You’ll need to complete an application form to get this insurance coverage.

Health & Dental Insurance

Full-time medical residents or fellows and their eligible dependents are qualified to participate in our medical and dental insurance plans. Eligible dependents may include a spouse, child, same gender domestic partner and child of same gender domestic partner.

We offer multiple plan options for both medical and dental. Coverage is effective the first day of employment.

Group Life Insurance

Coverage is $25,000 per individual, 100% employer paid.

Paid Time Off & Leave of Absence

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Trainees receive 28 paid days (224 hours) each academic year for vacation, holidays and unplanned absence. Planned time off must be scheduled according to program policies and approved by the program director. Trainees can carry over a maximum of 40 hours of unused PTO at the end of the academic year.

Funeral Leave

Residents and fellows receive four days of paid bereavement time for immediate family members, three days for secondary family members and one day for an aunt, uncle, niece, nephew or grandparents-in-law.

Leave of Absence

All leaves are granted in accordance with Aurora Health Care policies, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1992 and the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act, along with the approval of the residency or fellowship program director.

Status of the trainee's education level and graduation date may be altered based on time away from the program.

Disability Coverage

Aurora Health Care pays the full cost of short-term and long-term disability plans. Trainees are eligible for coverage the first of the month following three full calendar months of employment.

  • Short-term disability: Benefit pays 60% of base salary beginning the eighth calendar day of illness or accident for up to 12 weeks. The maximum weekly benefit is $3,693.
  • Long-term disability: Benefit pays 60% of base salary following a 90-calendar day waiting period. The maximum monthly benefit is $16,000.

Work Environment

  • Safe, drug-free environment: We drug test all applicants selected for a medical residency at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center and Aurora Sinai Medical Center. A positive drug test will result in withdrawal of the residency offer.
  • Free parking: Parking is provided at no charge. Specific locations will be assigned.
  • Free meals: Meals are provided to on-call residents and fellows.

Other Perks

  • Auroraflex: Flexible spending account that allows pretax deposits for medical insurance, dental insurance and/or medical/dependent care.
  • Tax-deferred annuities: Eligible to full-time medical residents on date of hire.
  • Day care center: An on-site child-care facility is available to Aurora Health Care employees. The center offers a comprehensive program for children two weeks through 12 years of age.

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Salary & Benefits Summary

Resident/Fellow Contract

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