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Orientation for Instructors and Students

Welcome instructors and students!

We are proud to welcome nursing students, medical assistant students and preceptor students to Aurora Health Care for clinical studies.

Purpose and Values

Our Purpose: We help people live well

Our Values:

  • Excellence – we are a top performer in all that we do
  • Compassion – we unselfishly care for others
  • Respect – we value the unique needs and preferences of all people

Medical Assistant Student Orientation

General orientation and Electronic Health Record (EHR) training will be provided to equip Medical Assistant (MA) students with tools and knowledge needed to quickly adapt to the clinical workflow. A site-specific orientation will be provided by the clinic leader/preceptor upon the student’s arrival at the clinic.

Nursing Pre-Site Orientation

After the school placement coordinator has submitted the request for Epic access, instructors and students will receive 3 emails confirming access to the following:

  1. Active Directory, which will provide access to e-Learnings through the Caregiver Connect intranet website (Learning Connection)
  2. Duo Multi-Factor verification – this will be sent directly from IT about 24 hours after access to Active Directory is sent, and will be required to verify your account access in Learning Connection and Epic
  3. Epic Access – please ensure the school placement coordinator has submitted this request at least 4 weeks prior to your clinical start date

Instructors and students, please use the Aurora Nursing Student Login Guide for e-Learnings [PDF] to access Caregiver Connect / Learning Connection for your e-Learnings.

Go to Caregiver Connect >> Go to Learning Connection >> Click Find Learning >> Search for the e-Learning numbers listed below and enroll yourself into the course.

Instructors and Students must complete the following list of orientation and Epic e-Learnings, prior to the first day of clinical.

If you are an AAH team member and have completed these orientation courses already for the year, you do not have to repeat them. They must be completed prior to the first day of your clinical rotation or project.

Student Nurse and Faculty Orientation e-Learnings (Approximate time to complete: 3 hours)

  • Safety Review 2021 (5056012AAHCSFY21) approx. 45 minutes
  • Workplace Violence (WPV) (5056002WPV) approx. 45 minutes
  • Compliance and HIPAA 2021 (5057532AAHCCIP21) approx. 45 minutes
  • High Reliability Tools and Tactics 2021 (5051660AAHCHIGH21) approx. 40 minutes

If you are an AAH team member and have completed Epic training for your current RN role you do not have to complete the Epic e-Learnings.

Epic Inpatient Student Nurse (e-Learning Curriculum) – (5058601EINPSTUDRN) – (Approximate time to complete 1 hour)

These are the e-learnings that you will see in the curriculum:

  1. Epic Overview of “Hyperspace” in an Inpatient Setting (5058601CLNINP001) – 9 min
    • Student nurses should NOT acknowledge any orders as shown in the video.
    • We do not chart in Celsius for a temperature as shown in the video.
  2. Epic “Overview of the Brain” (5058601INP084) – 8 min
    • Student nurses should NOT acknowledge any orders as shown in the video.
  3. Epic Documenting in “Flowsheets” (5058601INP061) – 8 min
  4. Epic Manage LDAs Using the LDA “Avatar” (5058601INP085) – 4 min
  5. Epic “Validating Monitor” Data (5058601INP163) – 12 min
  6. Epic “Nurse Specimen Collection” (5058601INP069) – 8 min
    • When collecting specimens: You will need to enter the Label Printer you are using. This is not seen in the video.
    • You may skip the section regarding Point of Care Tests (POC).
  7. Epic Document “Patient Education” (5058601INP074) – 8 min
    • Only watch through “Document patient education”. No need to answer questions at the end.
  8. Epic “Administering Medications” on the MAR (5058601INP062) – 5 min
  9. Epic “Advanced Medication” Administration on the MAR (5058601INP162) – 13 min
    • Only watch through “Indicate a Dose was given late”.
    • Questions at the end are not appropriate for Nurse Students.

COVID-19 Resources

Please review these additional materials prior to the start of the clinical experience:


  1. COVID-19 Response for Student Instructor [PDF]
  2. AAH COVID-19 Experience Information [PDF]
  3. Eye Protection FAQ [PDF]
  4. Hand Washing Expectations [PDF]

Nursing On-Site Orientation

On-site orientation will be led by the clinical instructor for clinical groups or the preceptor for preceptorships on the first day at the clinical site.

Students and instructors will need to complete the student and instructor confidentiality agreement and orientation checklist for all students and instructors on the first day of the clinical.

Nurse Policy

Instructors and precepted students must review the Aurora Undergraduate Student Nurse Policy on the first day of clinicals as a part of the orientation checklist. The Aurora Undergraduate Student Nurse Policy will help you understand the purpose, scope and definitions of this role.

Please review the policy appropriate to your instructor or student role:

These files are password-protected. You’ll receive this password at orientation; if you need it resent, please email

Student/Faculty Injury or Exposure Process

If a student or faculty member has an exposure or injury while on Aurora Health Care property:

Direct the individual to seek medical attention as directed by their school / employer's policy. If medical care is provided, the individual or his / her employer is responsible for any financial costs incurred.

The instructor or student should contact Aurora Employee Health during normal business hours (M-F). If the exposure occurs while Employee Health office is closed, the student or instructor should report to the department manager/supervisor/lead person for instruction. Employee Health should be notified on the next business day of the exposure.

Post-exposure follow-up for designated non-Aurora individuals:

  • Non-employee shall inform instructor and/or supervisor of exposure immediately.
  • Employee Health may provide complementary baseline testing and that of the patient source directly to the exposed individual.
  • The non-Aurora individual shall be referred to their medical provider for all other follow-up care.

Site Contacts

See contact information for Aurora Clinical Placement Specialists at all participating sites.

Contact the Program

Connect with Aurora Nursing and MA Student Clinical Placement Specialists.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Aurora’s broad and integrated system not only affords you new opportunities but also new places to explore – from Lake Geneva to Milwaukee to Green Bay.

Nursing Research

Starting an MSN or DNP project? You’ll need the project checklist.


Vaccine Update

Please be patient as vaccine supplies are currently limited.

At this time, we’re vaccinating our most vulnerable patients based on CDC guidelines. If you’re our patient, we’ll contact you to schedule when it’s your turn based on available vaccine supplies.