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Background Check, Health Requirements, Epic & Pyxis Access

Get the best start to the clinical program.

Thank you selecting Aurora Health Care for your clinical experience. School placement coordinators need to complete several forms to ensure the best start to the clinical program.

We require a compliance form verifying completed health requirements and successful background checks for all faculty and students. Students and faculty will not be allowed in the clinical site until all forms are submitted and approved.

Background Checks

School placement coordinators need to complete criminal background checks and caregiver background checks for students and faculty. Careful attention should be paid to the Background Information Disclosure form which the student or instructor will fill out when the school is requesting the background check. Failing to self-disclose past convictions or pending charges will lead to denial of clinical placement.

School placement coordinators should have the following ready for each student and faculty member when filling out the forms:

  • First name, last name, middle initial
  • Date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Email Address
  • Phone number

All instructors or students seeking placement must have the following 3 documents completed/verified:

  1. Wisconsin Department of Health Services Background Information Disclosure (BID) Form [PDF] (Instructor or student completes)
  2. Criminal Background Checks - (School placement coordinator verifies)
  3. Caregiver Background Checks - (School placement coordinator verifies)

Please submit any positive background check results to either:

Compliance Form

Once background checks are done, the next step is to complete the Compliance Form Health Requirements for all students and instructors.

Submission of this form indicates that students and instructors are compliant with AAH Health Requirements for Nursing Faculty and Students Beginning a Clinical Rotation [PDF].

Note: only one clinical group or one precepted student per form.

School placement coordinators, please be aware that the above information must be available through the college for 6 years.

Request Epic & Pyxis Access

Please submit your Epic access requests 4 weeks prior to clinicals. When completing the form, the start date for access should be one week prior to clinicals so that students can complete required e-learnings.

The Advocate Aurora IT Department requires 15 business days to complete Epic requests; please be timely with this request to ensure access.

Download and complete this form for Epic access:

Return the completed form to either:

Note: Only one clinical group or one precepted nursing student per form.

If a group of precepted medical students are starting on the same day, they may be added to one excel request form for Epic access.

Epic Access will be given for both instructors and students; Pyxis will be requested along with the Epic access for instructors only.

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