Informed Consent & Protocol Templates

Studies Involving Samples

Specimen Banking for Research Purposes

Many research studies collect blood, tissue or other patient specimens for research purposes. These templates allow you to obtain consent for specimen collection, specimen banking and for possible future research use:

Research Involving Children

Informed Consent from Parents & Kids

Research studies involving children are subject to federal informed consent regulations. Use these templates to obtain informed consent from parents and children 17 years old and younger (when possible).

Research Involving Caregivers

Informed Consent from Caregivers

Caregivers often assist patient participants during the course of research studies, especially if subjects have trouble completing study requirements or activities on their own. This template should be used to obtain informed consent from caregivers.

Please refer to RSPP’s caregiver guidance document [PDF] for more information about when to use the caregiver information sheet and how to obtain informed consent from caregivers.


Updates to Informed Consent Documents

Periodically, our RSPP office approves updates to specific informed consent documents. Please refer to these memos for the latest updates:

Protocol Templates

Guidance for Writing Protocols

You must write a protocol for most submissions to our institutional review board (IRB). Your submission application contains instructions and details about whether your study requires a protocol.

If your study requires a protocol, and the study sponsor has not provided one, please use these protocol templates when creating it:

Your Questions, Answered

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IRB Approval of Research

Find out the steps you need to take to get IRB approval of research.

Resources & Forms

Download templates for IRB application, informed consent and more.

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