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IRB Policies & Procedures


Aurora IRB Policies

Aurora Health Care has adopted several research policies and standard operating procedures to protect the rights, health and privacy of human research subjects, their data or their biospecimens.

Additionally, researchers and their administrators must follow certain procedures to accurately complete, submit and report all data and documentation related to human research subjects. You can find Aurora system policies pertaining to human subject research while connected to the internal Aurora network on Policy Tech.

Read more about our Research Subject Protection Program (RSPP) and institutional review board (IRB) standard operating procedures (SOPs) in these categories:

  • Emergency and humanitarian use
  • Functions and operations
  • General administration and IRB organization
  • Informed consent and authorization
  • Quality assurance
  • Review of research
  • Reviews requiring special considerations, including noncompliance

Need help with an issue pertaining to human research subjects? Find answers using our RSPP guidance documents.


Common Terms & Acronyms in Aurora IRB SOPs

IRB SOPs contain many terms and acronyms you may be unfamiliar with. Please reference our standard operating procedure glossary [PDF] for assistance.

Contact the RSPP/IRB Office

We’re here to answer your research documentation questions.

IRB Approval of Research

Find out the steps you need to take to get IRB approval of research.

Resources & Forms

Download templates for IRB application, informed consent and more.

Ceded Research

Learn what to do when an external IRB oversees your research.


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