Adjustable Banding Surgery


Adjustable banding surgery, which often uses the LAP-BAND® system, is one of the options used to help people who struggle with obesity. It’s a minimally invasive procedure in which your stomach’s capacity is reduced. This means you won’t be able to eat as much food at one time. However, you’ll feel fuller faster – and longer. It's an effective way to help you lose weight gradually and maintain the loss. In many cases, people are able to lose 50 to 60% of their extra weight after having adjustable banding surgery.

What to Expect

Adjustable banding surgery is done laparoscopically, so there are only a few small incisions. It’s often done as an outpatient procedure and has minimal recovery time. The procedure often takes less than an hour, and most people leave the hospital less than 24 hours later.

During the adjustable banding procedure your doctor will wrap a silicone belt around your stomach. The band connects to a port, which is implanted under your skin. Your doctor will then inject sterile salt water (saline) into the band through the port. The saline inflates the band, creating a small pouch in the upper part of your stomach. 

When you eat after surgery, food only goes into the pouch. You’ll still be able to fully absorb nutrients and vitamins from food. But you won’t be able to eat as much as you did before your surgery and you’ll feel full faster. This can encourage gradual, safe weight loss.

Your doctor can tighten your band in the future to help you lose more weight or loosen it to let you eat more or if you’re a woman who wants to get pregnant.


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