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Intensive Outpatient Services

Behavioral Activation Program at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

Psychologist Greg Schramka of Behavioral Activation program at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital in Wisconsin, describes how the program provides specialized intensive behavioral health treatment for people experiencing severe depression and anxiety.


If you’re struggling with a mental health issue like depression, anxiety or fear, Aurora’s intensive outpatient program provides regular therapy sessions at our center while maintaining your daily routine. Choose a time that’s best for you—mornings,  afternoons, or evenings—and work with one of our therapists to learn techniques for responding to daily stresses in a healthy way.


Mental health disorders like depression can make people want to escape life’s problems and their painful feelings. Emotion-driven response to coping with depression often results in staying in bed, withdrawing from friends or stopping exercise and other routine activities. This natural avoidance response unintentionally leads to more problems, from unintended weight gain to feelings of loneliness and even job loss.

In our intensive outpatient mental health program we will teach you how to break negative patterns of avoidance that are common in depression and you will learn how to face life’s problems and reengage with the world. Our therapists will also teach you powerful and practical ways to manage emotional stress with a focus on skills to help you handle life’s challenges and enjoy life’s gifts. You’ll be encouraged to identify personal and meaningful activities and will be taught how to take steps to engage in them regardless of your mood.

You’ll also collaborate with therapists on setting goals and learning how to break them down into small steps that are more attainable for you and your needs. Our supportive process helps determine your current state, so we can provide you with the right skills for you to enjoy natural, anti-depressant experiences repeatedly over time.

Services & Treatments

During group sessions, you’ll be asked to identify and share your goals with the group. Group activities can sometimes feel challenging, but you can count on a supportive, safe atmosphere that’s encouraging and motivating to help you achieve your goals.

Taking action—even in small and gradual steps—is a remarkably powerful tool in reversing the cycle of depression and avoidance.

Admissions & Locations

If you are interested in learning more about our intensive outpatient program, to schedule an assessment or if you have any questions, please contact one of our facilities below.

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital
1220 Dewey Avenue
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Phone: 414-454-6600

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital – Northshore Programs
6980 N Port Washington Road
2nd Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53217

Aurora St. Luke’s South Shore
5900 S. Lake Drive
Cudahy, WI 53110
Phone: 414-454-6600

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