Substance Abuse Support Services


Recovery and sobriety from addiction is a lifelong commitment. That’s why at Aurora we’re here for you every step of the way, even after you complete your treatment program. Our addiction support groups, as well as volunteer and alumni services, create a network you can rely on and a way to connect with people who understand your journey.

Volunteer Opportunities

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital utilizes the services of Recovery Associates to assist our staff members to help guide our patients on the path toward life-long sobriety.

Opportunities Include:

Recovery-focused activities:

AA/NA/CA orientation - lead 12-Step orientation Groups (meet with groups of patients to explain how 12-Step programs work, answer questions and discuss patients’ concerns),

  • serve as a temporary sponsor and/or mentor
  • speaking - talk one on one with patients reluctant to give meetings a try, help patients transition to 12-step meetings in the community
  • job/work mentoring - willing to help Dewey patients in their job hunting, writing a resume, prepping for an interview and handling tough questions? Do you know of recovery-friendly employers?
  • accompanying patients from Dewey Center to the Lighthouse

Family-focused activities: Help greet families, participate in the discussion, share your experiences supporting a loved one new to recovery. Work with staff to improve these offerings so we provide families with information they really need.

  • Wednesday Evening Family Education Program
  • Mentoring

Social / Recreational / Leisure Activities:

  • Help coordinate Lighthouse events (movie nights, music performances, dinners, etc.)
  • Creating event flyers and promotional material
  • Share a hobby, craft and/or activity

Lighthouse meeting support /staffing

  • Assist in opening and closing the facility
  • Direct attendees to the appropriate meetings
  • Make coffee for the specific groups
  • Set up rooms to accommodate each group
  • Observe guest behavior and report any issues
  • General light housekeeping

For additional information, contact:
Mark Palazzari

Support Services & Resources

At the Dewey Center at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, our social, recreational and family activities can help you grow and heal. We can also help your family and friends learn positive, productive ways they can support you in recovery. Support services also connect you with our community. 

Search our classes and events for the right support services in your area.

Substance abuse support groups

Family support groups

Other resources

How Can You Help?

Since 1884, we’ve remained true to our mission – to deliver confidential, caring and effective services to people who are struggling with addiction and behavioral health issues.

These issues come with steep financial, personal and social costs. By donating to Aurora Behavioral Health Services, you are helping people and families who need clinical treatment and compassionate care for their mental health or substance abuse problems.

Your contribution can help in a variety of ways – from making it possible for a family to afford prescription drugs to supporting kids while their caregiver is in treatment. Just one donation can make a huge difference in many lives.

Donations can be made online or through the Office of Philanthropy:

Judi Strout
Director, Foundation Development

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