Art Therapy for Cancer


At Aurora, we firmly believe in the healing power of art. By exploring different art modalities and expressing emotional experiences through art, you’re better able to process and navigate the many challenges you face during cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Our professional art therapists hold Master’s Degrees in art therapy and are licensed by the State of Wisconsin. They’re skilled in psychological and developmental theories, and are adept at facilitating a therapeutic relationship between you, your therapist, and the artwork.

No previous art experience is needed in order to benefit from art therapy in Milwaukee. This free service is available to all patients, family members, loved ones and caregivers.

Contact us to:

  • Learn more about art therapy in hospitals and clinics
  • Schedule a workshop or presentation
  • Find locations and times of ongoing support groups and open studios

Call (414) 385-2708 or email or for more information.


Art therapy has been shown to have amazing benefits for cancer patients, their loved ones and caretakers.

Art therapy:

  • Provides visibility to intangible concepts and emotions that are hard to put into words
  • Facilitates healing communication between the creator (you) and your creation (the artwork)
  • Promotes stress relief and pain reduction
  • Helps you express, process, and purge emotions during times of crisis and joy, which often leads to profound cathartic experiences
  • Builds self-concept, self-awareness, and self-understanding
  • Develops coping skills and increased emotional stability
  • Allows you to redefine yourself as a creative person who's open to infinite possibilities

Learn more about the incredible benefits of art therapy here:

American Art Therapy Association
Wisconsin Art Therapy Association
Mount Mary University
St. Mary of the Woods


Aurora offers a variety of art therapy programs for you, your loved ones and caregivers, and Aurora staff.

Open Studio

During Open Studio, you’re free to express yourself creatively through a featured process (where therapists guide the project) or by choosing from a wide variety of available art materials. Our Open Studio sessions are open to all past and current patients, family members, caregivers and staff.

Visual Narratives Program

The Visual Narratives Programs gives you and your family the opportunity to create and share your healing journey with others. Over a period of several weeks, you'll create visual narrative pieces that document your unique cancer experience. These pieces are accompanied by written stories and can be displayed by the Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center.

Inpatient Services

If you're an inpatient, we can bring art therapy to you – either right to your room for an individualized session, or to an infusion clinic. Referrals for inpatient services can be made by calling the art therapy office at (414) 385-2708.

Outreach and Education

Through our outreach and education programs, we're able to provide one-time art therapy experiences for support groups and staff meetings. These educational sessions are available at many of our Aurora locations. Call (414) 385-2708 to find out more.

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