Art Therapy for Cancer


Art therapy is a valuable part of cancer treatment for many people. It can help improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being by easing stress. 

Our art therapists are skilled in a variety of media – drawing, painting and sculpture – and specialize in using art to heal. 

Call 414-219-4533 to learn more about art therapy, to schedule a workshop or presentation, and to find locations and times of ongoing support groups and open studios.

Services & Treatments

Open art studios are held bimonthly at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center and Aurora Sinai Medical Center

Inpatient services are available at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center 

Outpatient services are available at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center, Aurora Sinai Medical Center and Aurora St. Luke's South Shore.

Treatment Options

At Aurora, we’ll work with you on a personalized fibrous dysplasia treatment plan to meet your needs. If you’re not having symptoms, your doctor might just keep a close eye on your condition. If you have symptoms, we can help ease chronic pain, remove scar tissue and mend fractures and facial deformities.

If fibrous dysplasia is damaging your vision or your nerves, surgeons can reduce the pressure on your optic nerve or replace a damaged bone with healthy bone grafted from another part of your body.

If the condition is affecting your skull, we can treat you using a minimally invasive procedure called the Expanded Endonasal Approach (EEA) It lets doctors insert a thin, lighted tube through your nose to safely remove scar-like fibrous tissue. It doesn’t require incisions, so you’ll have a shorter hospital stay, a faster recovery and no risk of scars.

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