Orbital Wall Fracture


Orbital wall fracture is a break or crack in the bone that surrounds and protects your eye. This can lead to serious problems, like permanent double vision, so it’s important to get a proper diagnosis right away. You should always see an ophthalmologist if you’ve experienced trauma to your eye – for instance, if you’ve been hit in the face or have been in a car accident that affected your head.


Some orbital wall fractures heal on their own, while others require surgery. Your doctor will discuss which treatment is right for you.

Two types of surgery are used for orbital wall fractures: 

  • Traditional surgery, which requires an open incision
  • Minimally invasive (endoscopic) surgery, which typically does not require an incision 

The right type of surgery depends on the location of the fracture, how bad the break is and how long it’s been since the fracture occurred.

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