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We Offer Careers in Compassion

Working for Aurora Health at Home is more than a job. It’s building relationships with the people you care for and their families. It’s teaching people how to manage their health. It’s putting what you’ve learned into practice. It’s connecting with your community.

The Aurora Health at Home Difference

Corporate Advantage with a Community Feel

Working for a large organization may come with perks such as deeper resources and growth opportunities. But some health care professionals prefer the freedom and camaraderie a smaller employer can offer. With a job at Aurora Health at Home, you don’t have to choose.

Aurora Health at Home is the largest home health care agency in Wisconsin. But our home care providers still work with a close-knit team of 30 or so colleagues. While doing so, they receive benefits smaller agencies often can’t provide:

  • Consistent hours
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Chance to work with a variety of medical needs
  • Access to hospital resources
  • Professional development
  • Continuing education

Training for Home Care Providers

We Set You Up for Success

For those who want to work in home health care, we provide significant autonomy within a team setting. We look for candidates who feel comfortable working with people on their own. Our home care professionals know when to make on-the-spot medical decisions, and when to call their Aurora team.

To prepare our home care professionals, Aurora Health at Home provides a 10-week orientation at the time of hire. Our home health care orientation program consists of:

  • Classroom training: Learn how to evaluate and admit people, and how to use the Aurora tools to make people confident and independent in their care.
  • Mentoring and shadowing: Before helping people on your own, you follow a mentor into the field.
  • Stepped approach: We assign you simpler cases to begin, then move you to more complex assignments when you’re ready.

Job Types

Something for Every Skillset

It takes all kinds of people to provide successful home health care. Aurora Health at Home has field staff, such as nurses, therapists, home health aides and social workers. We also employ a large number of people in our corporate office. Office-based Aurora at Home jobs include:

  • Intake nurses
  • Scheduling personnel
  • Customer service professionals
  • Telehealth nurses
  • Pharmacy professionals
  • Intake operators for durable medical equipment (DME)

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