Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine


Stem cells are essential in maintaining the human body. They can develop into many different types of cell. When a stem cell divides, each new cell can either remain a stem cell or become another more specialized type of cell, like a muscle cell, red blood cell or brain cell. This means that stem cells can replace cells that are lost or damaged by injury or disease. They can serve as an internal repair system for your body.

Stem cells are a key part of what’s known as regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is the study of self-healing as well as tissue engineering. There are a variety of applications for this field of medicine. Our research scientists and doctors are exploring how regenerative medicine can help the body create new cells in order to repair unhealthy or damaged tissues and organs.

Services & Treatment

At the Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute – a partnership between the Aurora Research Institute and Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center – we’re learning how stem cells give new hope for treating stroke and brain cancer.  Our doctors and scientists are developing new treatments in Discovery Laboratory at Aurora Research Institute that may improve the health of our patients.

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