Comprehensive Stroke Center at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center®


At Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, we are committed to high standards of care designed to save lives and minimize long-term brain damage. Written protocols for emergency care of stroke, special training for emergency room staff, and dedicated stroke units staffed by doctors and nurses who specialize in treating stroke mean better outcomes for our patients. Our dedication to improving your care and prognosis have earned us a Comprehensive Stroke Center certification. See our most recent stroke data here. With high-quality, state-of-the-art and timely stroke care for even the most complex stroke cases, we are doing what we can to help people return to healthy, active lives. 
Along with our Primary Stroke Centers, the Comprehensive Stroke Center at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center offers dedicated around-the-clock patient care, including: 
  • A treatment team of experienced specialists under one roof, including neurologists and neurosurgeons; vascular and endovascular specialists; rehabilitation therapists; and occupational, speech and physical therapists 
  • Advanced imaging techniques, which identify the source of a stroke quickly and accurately
  • Neurosurgical treatment to repair brain damage and hemorrhages caused by strokes
  • ICU facilities and advanced therapies for stroke treatment, rehabilitation and recovery
If you or a loved one experiences signs of a stroke, call 9-1-1 and request to be taken to an Aurora Stroke Center. 

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