Living Kidney Transplant

Living Kidney Transplant

The Ultimate Act of Giving

Facing an organ transplant or thinking about becoming a living donor? Then you’ll want to hear Lenny Zweig’s story. Running out of time — and hope — for a new kidney, Lenny wore his “Share Your Spare” T-shirt to a 2018 Brewers game and his plea went viral. Emily Nowak, a complete stranger, saw his request on social media and offered him one of her kidneys — and helped give Lenny the gift of life.

This kind of altruism is more common than you think. A recent U.S. Department of Health & Human Services report put the number of living kidney donors in the country at 6,445 in 2018.  Kidneys from living donors are often preferable to kidneys from deceased donors because the kidney functions more quickly and survives longer. This can shorten the time a recipient is waiting to receive a kidney transplant.

To learn more about becoming a living donor, call the Abdominal Transplant Program at St. Luke’s Medical Center at 414-646-0584.

Why Aurora?

When you’re referred to the Kidney Transplant Program at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, you can expect compassionate, exceptional care every step of the way.

What to Expect

As a donor, your experience begins with an interview and screening during your initial phone call. Subsequent steps include a blood draw to test for compatibility, diagnostic testing and meetings/appointments with the transplant team. Once you’re approved by the team, surgery can be scheduled.

If your kidney isn't compatible with your chosen recipient, your living donation can still ensure that person gets the transplant he/she needs through our kidney exchange program. It's the same program that helped Lenny and Emily.

As a recipient, your experience will be similar to what you’d undergo during a non-living donor kidney transplant.

Living Heroes

Aurora has a long history of completing successful organ transplants, but our patients can share the real success stories. Whether you’re due to be the recipient of a living organ transplant or thinking about becoming a living donor, the stories below let your hear from the people who’ve lived through the process, procedures, challenges and milestones.

Patient Stories

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