About Our Organ Transplant Team

Why Aurora?

At Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center Transplant Services, we’ve been helping people who need organ transplants regain their health for more than 40 years. We’ll be with you every step of your journey – before your transplant, through your surgery, as you recover and for lifelong follow-up care. 

We know your needs are unique, so we’ll put together a team of experts specifically for you, each devoted to providing a different aspect of your care.

Your Care Team

Your multi-disciplinary transplant team will include:

Transplant medical specialists: Your specialists will take the lead role in your care, working closely with your transplant surgeon. They’ll also communicate with your primary care physician. All are board certified in their field of medicine and have advanced training, plus extensive experience in transplantation. Specialties include:

  • Heart transplants: internal medicine/cardiology 
  • Liver transplants: gastroenterology/hepatology 
  • Kidney and pancreas transplants: nephrology 

Transplant surgeons: Your surgeons closely monitor your health while you’re awaiting a transplant and perform your transplant surgery. They also provide post-operative care when you’re in the hospital and after you’re discharged.

Transplant nurses: Your nurse coordinators will organize all aspects of your care, from physical exams when you’re first referred to us to routine tests as you’re recovering. They’ll also maintain your medical records and facilitate communication among your team members.

Transplant pharmacists: They’re experts in immunosuppressive drugs, and work with the rest of your team to develop the ideal medication regimen for you and then teach you how to follow it. You’ll also have access to a specialized transplant pharmacy.

Infectious disease specialists: They’ll watch for signs of infection and work with the team to get the right medication should you develop an infection.

Clinical dieticians: They’ll ensure that you get good nutrition and manage your weight wisely before and after your transplant.

Transplant financial coordinators: Their goal is to help you understand what health care benefits are available to you and, if necessary, to help you find funding to cover the costs of your transplant.

Clinical and health psychologists and social workers: They take part in your initial evaluation and help you and your loved ones cope with the emotional issues that can affect people going through a transplant.

Nutrition services: Nutritionists will help you develop and maintain a healthier, more balanced lifestyle before and after your surgery.

Your team is on-call 24/7. Before, during and after your transplant, you’ll be able to reach us whenever you need us. Our nurses and physicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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