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Whether you’ve injured yourself pursuing a sport or hobby, are feeling the aches and pains of joint wear and tear, or have pain from a medical condition like arthritis, we can help.

We’re Wisconsin’s largest team of orthopedic specialists. Many of our doctors and physical therapists have advanced training and certifications, with expertise in treating specific bones, joints and muscles. Find out more about the Aurora difference.

There are 2 easy ways to make an appointment to see one of our experts:

  • Complete the form below. Make sure to include your phone number if you have a more in-depth medical question.
  • See a physical therapist or licensed athletic trainer for a free injury evaluation (this is the best option if you’re not sure if your injury requires care)

During your appointment, we’ll review your condition, perform initial tests and discuss your treatment options. We’ll also tell you about the surgical and non-surgical alternatives available to you. Learn about our orthopedic services, or contact us today.


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