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Is Orthopedic Care Right for You?

Orthopedics is the medical specialty of caring for people’s bones, joints, muscles, and the many elements that connect these parts. Your quality of life – and your enjoyment of life – hinge on the health of these elements.

When you choose Aurora Health Care for orthopedic care, you’re choosing a team of dedicated, specialty-trained doctors who can help you feel better and get back to doing the things you love.

And whether you come to us seeking rehabilitation therapy, arthritis treatment, trauma care or surgery, we’ll offer personalized treatment options that are right for you.

The Aurora Difference

Orthopedic Care: What to Expect

The highlight of orthopedic care at Aurora just might be the seamless relationship between you and your medical team. Whether you’re seeing an orthopedic surgeon, a sports medicine doctor or a physical therapist, we’ll all work together to understand your needs and get you on the path to recovery.

People also choose Aurora because we offer:

  • Open communication: Our care teams truly enjoy helping people. Here, you can ask questions – we’ll take the time to answer them. You’ll benefit from advanced diagnostic imaging and skilled surgery, but we’ll also get to the root cause of your condition – so you can stay healthy long term.
  • Fellowship-trained doctors: Our doctors are trained in medical specialties like sports medicine, joint reconstruction, foot and ankle surgery, spine surgery, hand and upper extremity surgery, trauma and musculoskeletal oncology. Most of our teams also have fellowship training – advanced training called subspecialty training. Subspecialization means we’re more experienced with advanced procedures and more up-to-date on innovations and cutting-edge treatments.
  • Advanced surgical capabilities: We offer all types of joint replacement, including less-common procedures like total elbow replacement and bilateral knee replacement. If you need a more complex procedure like a joint revision surgery (redo of a joint replacement), we’re well-equipped to provide that care, too. Learn more about orthopedic medicine and surgery.
  • Functional emphasis: Joint pain can affect your entire body. That’s why we address all joint injuries and problems with a focus on function and movement. We’ll show you how to incorporate your care and recovery into your work, hobbies and life. Learn more about arthritis and musculoskeletal care.


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Orthopedic care that suits your needs.

Joint Injuries & Joint Replacement 

We’ll ease joint pain from an accident, injury or arthritis and help you move comfortably again. We also offer total joint replacement and less-invasive care.

Physical Therapy & Rehab

Specialized physical therapy and sports therapy locations are integrated into our system. That makes it easy for you, your doctor and your entire care team to communicate.

Care for Recreational Athletes

Whether just starting a sport, staying in shape or looking to hone your form, you can turn to us for supportive training, guidance and classes.

Recovery From Trauma

In an emergency, you need highly experienced doctors and surgeons – and in recovery, you need expert follow-up and rehab. You’ll find it here.

Injury Prevention & Camps for Students

Sports health and safety starts before your student steps onto the field, floor or rink. We teach preventive skills and good body mechanics to keep young athletes safe.

Care for Teams & Competitive Athletes

Turn to our athletic trainers and sports medicine doctors for pro-level sports health care. We treat many teams across eastern Wisconsin.

Get a Free Injury Evaluation

We get to the source of the pain and offer personalized care recommendations.

Meet Our Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Team

Our team includes more than 300 specialty-trained orthopedists, sports medicine doctors and sports health-trained therapists who provide customized care just for you. 

Meet Our Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Team

Where Can You Find Great Orthopedic Care?

Wherever you are in eastern Wisconsin or northern Illinois, we’re in your neighborhood.

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