Team Medical Coverage

Team Medical Coverage


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Our sports medicine experts help athletes in eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois stay safe while enjoying the sports they love. In fact, more than 50 area professional teams, schools and sports leagues put their trust in our team medical coverage program.

The Aurora Difference

Team Medical Coverage: The Aurora Difference

Aurora takes care of your team’s medical needs so you can focus on leading them to victory. We help each athlete have a safe and healthy season. When injuries happen, we provide care that best meets your athletes’ immediate and long-term needs.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Care for top athletes: We provide coverage to the Milwaukee Admirals professional hockey team and the Sheboygan A’s semi-pro baseball club. We are also a trusted partner to Division I sports teams, such as Marquette University’s Men’s Basketball team. We offer the same level of care to athletes of all ages and skill levels. Learn more about the professional teams, schools and organizations we serve.
  • Injury prevention: Our athletic trainers play an active role in preventing injuries. From team conditioning programs to one-on-one care for athletes at risk for injury, we help your team stay healthy. Find out more about our athletic trainers.
  • Immediate injury evaluation: We diagnose common sports injuries right from the sidelines, including sprains, strains, fractures and concussions. For complex injuries, an expert opinion is a phone call away. We also consult with Aurora sports medicine doctors – including knee and shoulder experts – whenever necessary.
  • Easy access to sports medicine specialists: When injuries require follow-up care, athletes can get sports medicine treatment close to home. Aurora clinics are conveniently located in communities throughout eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Our doctors also keep standing appointments for same-day care several times a week. Get sports health care.
  • Dedicated sports medicine experts: Your team works with the same Aurora athletic trainers and doctors throughout the entire season. Find out more about the experts caring for our current teams. See our team medical coverage roster.


Our Team Medical Coverage Services

A member of our team attends every practice and game – so your team always has access to injury prevention and sports medicine care.

Team medical coverage services may include:

  • Injury risk screenings: We assess each athlete for potential injuries by testing abilities like flexibility, strength and endurance.
  • Education: We work with coaches and athletes to create a safe playing environment. We also share important tips on topics like proper hydration and nutrition so athletes can perform their best.
  • Injury prevention: We deliver one-on-one care to athletes who face a higher-than-normal injury risk or are playing with mild injuries. Care may include special exercises or applying tape, braces and splints.
  • On-field injury evaluation: When athletes go down, we rush to their side, perform a detailed evaluation on the spot and determine whether it’s safe to return to play.
  • Referral to specialists when necessary: When injuries require specialized care, we refer you to one of our sports medicine experts. Our team includes orthopedic surgeons with deep expertise in treating sports injuries, as well as primary care sports medicine doctors who treat injuries without surgery.
  • Return-to-play decisions you can trust: Athletic trainers spot easy-to-miss symptoms, such as mental fog from a concussion. Even when athletes insist that they’re OK, our expertise helps us determine when it’s truly safe to return to the game.

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