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Sports Performance Programs

Become the Athlete You’ve Always Wanted to Be

There’s no limit to what you can achieve when you’ve got a great team behind you. Our team includes sports performance experts who specialize in sport-specific skills, such as running and throwing. Count on us to take your game to the next level.


Get Stronger with Our Sports Performance Programs

We offer training programs and special services that allow you to play at your peak. Signing up for our sports performance programs is like having your own personal coach. We help you improve your form, get stronger and play smarter – so you can have your best season yet.

We offer sports performance programs to adolescents and adults aged 18 years and older. They are not covered by insurance.

Sports performance programs at Aurora are different from training programs you may find at your local fitness center. Our physical therapists and athletic trainers combine their expertise of how bodies move (body mechanics) with additional training in sports performance.

We help baseball pitchers pitch harder, golfers swing with better accuracy and runners achieve personal records. No matter what sport you love, we help you do it better.

The Aurora Difference

Achieve Peak Sports Performance

Our athletic trainers and physical therapists have experience coaching athletes of all skill levels. When you train with Aurora, you’ll work alongside experts who specialize in helping athletes perform their best.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Expertise: Our experienced team has additional training and certifications in building sport-specific skills. At Aurora, you’ll also have access to Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists®. Meet our sports health team.
  • Trusted by local athletes: We are the official sports medicine provider to teams of all skill levels, including the men’s Division One basketball team at Marquette University. We offer the same level of expertise to local athletes through our sports performance programs. Read more about team medical coverage at Aurora.
  • Access to sports medicine doctors: If something doesn’t feel quite right during a training session, we’ll evaluate it on the spot. If the problem requires medical care, we’ll help you get an appointment with one of our sports medicine or primary care doctors as quickly as possible. Get sports health care.
  • Focus on prevention: Our training sessions often start with stretching and may include helpful tips on avoiding injuries. Our approach also helps you avoid common overuse injuries, like shin splints. Learn more about the conditions we treat.

Become a Better Athlete - Become a Better You

Bike Fit Program

Our physical therapists undergo special bike fitting training to help you bike in comfort.

Custom Foot Orthotics Program

We’ll help you get rid of foot pain with a special inserts you place inside your shoes.

Performance Running Assessment

Our running experts help you improve your running form so you can avoid injuries and optimize performance.

Pitcher Academy

We teach baseball and softball pitchers the proper techniques for fast and accurate pitches.

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Program

Our certified golf experts help you use your body’s natural range of motion to drive the ball straighter and further with each swing.

Find a Sports Health Specialist

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Get a Free Injury Evaluation

We get to the source of the pain and offer personalized care recommendations.

Find Sports Health Care Near You

We offer sports injury care throughout eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

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Vaccine Update

We’re vaccinating anyone in Illinois and Wisconsin who’s 16 and older – whether you’re our patient or not – with the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. We’ve paused use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. See why.