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Titleist Performance Institute Golf Program

Swing With Power, Not Pain

Aurora’s partnership with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) helps you play at the top of your game. Our TPI-certified golf experts help you achieve a more efficient swing while relieving stress on your shoulders, elbows and back.


Improve Your Golf Game

Our program goes beyond teaching you proper technique. Our athletic trainers and physical therapists look at your range of motion, strength and overall health to develop a customized plan for improving your golf game.

When you sign up for our golf services, you’ll receive an assessment from our certified golf experts. We’ll then help you make minor adjustments to your form that can prevent future injuries. We’ll also give you personalized recommendations to help you get more power and accuracy with each swing – all for a third of the cost of a traditional golf training program.

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The Aurora Difference

Our Golf Services

At Aurora, we deliver the best available sports injury care and prevention to athletes from all over eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Our experience working with golfers of all skill levels allows us to help you play your best game yet.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Pro-level training: Top professional golfers across the country turn to Titleist Performance Institute to fine tune their swing, improve fitness and prevent injuries. This same level of expertise is available close to home through our TPI-certified athletic trainers and physical therapists. Meet our sports health team.
  • Personalized recommendations: We work with your body’s natural movements to produce a more powerful swing. Our approach can also reduce stress on your joints so you can avoid injuries like golfer’s elbow. Find out more about the conditions we treat.
  • Expert injury care: If we detect a problem that requires medical care, you’ll be in good hands. Our physical therapists and athletic trainers perform free injury evaluations every day. We quickly get to the source of your pain and make recommendations so you can feel better faster. Learn more about our sports injury treatments.
  • The latest technology to improve your form: At our Grafton location, our golf experts use a sophisticated 3-D video device (K-vest) to measure small details of your golf swing, like the angle of your shoulders when you make contact with the ball. These measurements help us fine-tune your swing with a level of precision that would not otherwise be possible.

What to Expect

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Program: What to Expect

Our golf experts work with you one-on-one to examine the way your body moves (body mechanics). We then develop a golf-specific exercise program just for you:


We start by talking with you about how your golf game is going and whether you have any pain when you play.

Your assessment may also include:

  • Determining your current range of motion
  • Taking a video of you swinging a golf club so we can get a closer look at your current technique
  • Using our 3-D video device K-vest to measure your golf swing

Personalized Recommendations

We use the information gathered from your assessment to determine how best to make small changes to your golf swing. Our TPI Golf Program includes two initial visits with one of our certified golf experts. You can receive ongoing analysis and recommendations at an additional cost.


Titleist Performance Institute Golf Program Pricing

  • Initial 2 sessions (60-minutes for the first session and 45 minutes for the second): $149
  • Four additional 45-minute sessions: $250
  • One additional 45-minute session: $75
  • K-Vest 3-D golf swing analysis (30 minutes, Grafton only): $50

Please note that program services are not covered by insurance.


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