Bike in Comfort Program

Lay the Foundation for an Epic Ride Every Time.

If riding your bike is causing pain in your wrists, knees or neck, we can help. Our team includes physical therapists with special training in bike fitting. We adjust your bike to fit your body, so you feel great on every ride.


Bike in Comfort: Our Professional Bike Fitting Services

If any part of your bike is too big or too small - even by just a fraction of an inch - biking can be painful. A bike fitting with us includes adjustments to your handlebars, pedals and seat based on your height and the way you ride. We find the problem and fix it so you can bike in comfort.

The Aurora Difference

Comfort for Every Bike Ride

A bike fitting at Aurora is different from what you may get at the average bike store. We combine our knowledge of the way bodies move (body mechanics) with additional training in bike fitting to increase your comfort and reduce your risk of injury.

Highlights of our program include:

  • An understanding of your needs: When a bike doesn’t fit your body, it puts added stress on joints like your knees and shoulders. We adjust your bike so it feels like an extension of your body – getting you where you want to go in motions that are fluid and natural to you. The end result? You’ll feel better while riding and avoid future pain. Read more about pain from improper bike fit.
  • Expertise: Many of our physical therapists have additional training and certification in helping cyclists of all levels achieve proper bike fit. Find out more about rehabilitation & therapy services.
  • Sports injury care: We offer expert care for medical problems caused by your bike, like lower back pain. You’ll have access to a broad range of treatments, including holistic treatments like chiropractic care. Find out more about our sports injury treatments.
  • Injury prevention: Our strength training program helps you build a strong core in just 6 weeks. Having a strong core not only gives you the power to go faster on your bike, but also provides extra support to your back. Learn more about our 6-week strength training program.

What to Expect

How Our Bike Fitting Services Work

If you’re ready to start riding in comfort, we’ll help you find your perfect fit over the course of 2 visits:

  • Visit #1: Bike fitting and personalized recommendations (60 minutes)
  • Visit #2: Fine-tuning your bike and additional exercise or performance recommendations (45 minutes)

What to Expect During Your First Visit

We start by evaluating your current bike fit. Your assessment may include:

  1. Talking with an Aurora physical therapist about your bike and the symptoms you’re having. We’ll also learn about your riding style, which may include sitting upright on casual rides or tucking into a tight position for long, fast rides.
  2. Evaluating your current strength and range of motion. Our goal is to identify problems that make riding uncomfortable, like knee pain. Find out more about the conditions we treat.
  3. Using a device (trainer) to hold your bike still, so we can see the position of your legs, neck and wrists as you ride.

We’ll then use the information gathered from our assessment to adjust your bike. We’ll also help you overcome pain and discomfort with special exercises you can perform on your own. These exercises may include special stretches to release tension in your shoulders - one of the most common causes of an uncomfortable ride.


Bike in Comfort Program Pricing

The cost of our bike fitting services is $149 and includes 2 visits with a bike fit certified physical therapist.

This program is open to adults 18 years and older. Services are not covered by insurance.


Schedule a Bike Fitting Today

We offer bike in comfort services in our Grafton and Downtown Milwaukee sports health locations. Services with Aurora’s certified bike fitting experts are available by appointment only.

Downtown Milwaukee

Aurora Physical Therapy - Sinai Medical Center
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Please call (414) 219-5241 for an appointment.


Aurora Sports Health - Grafton
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Grafton, WI
Please call (262) 329-2700 for an appointment.

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