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What Is Orthopedic Sports Health?

Sports health – also known as sports medicine – is not just for competitive athletes. Nearly everyone can benefit from orthopedic sports health – from student athletes and weekend warriors to those recovering from accidents or injuries.

A sports medicine specialty means a doctor studied family medicine and then pursued additional education and practice in sports medicine.

Aurora Health Care’s doctors and therapists provide a full range of orthopedic sports health services. Our approach incorporates physical therapy as well as integrative care like chiropractic, acupuncture and massage.

Learn more about sports medicine and primary care.

Why Turn to Orthopedic Sports Health?

Our orthopedic and sports health team can help anyone recover from accidents or injuries. Sports medicine doctors can also help you manage pain and improve the function of muscles, joints and digits (hands, feet, fingers and toes).

With the large number of orthopedic sports health specialists on our team, we understand what keeps Wisconsin moving. Whether you’re a runner, an outdoor enthusiast or a walker with an unstable knee, we’re here to help.

The Aurora Difference

Comprehensive Sports Health Care

When your joints and muscles are not working properly, it can take the fun out of life. Our sports health doctors will evaluate your condition and suggest treatments to help get you moving again.

We treat a wide range of sports health and orthopedic conditions. Our services include:

  • Prevention and performance: We want to help you live a happy, healthy life – and that means maintaining your orthopedic health. Our performance programs teach you how to get the most out of your activities while keeping your body safe. Learn more about our sports performance programs.
  • Coordinated care: Whether you need physical therapy, primary care, sports medicine care, athletic training, surgery or a combination, our orthopedic and sports medicine specialists offer a seamless approach. As part of one integrated health system, our doctors closely collaborate with each other to provide the best treatment possible for you.
  • A trusted community partner: At Aurora, we’re not just here when you have an injury – we work with you for life. That means providing expert care for all ages, including youth athletes, high school and college teams, professionals and community groups. We also care for people after trauma or other injury, people with chronic conditions and those with joint deterioration and other orthopedic needs. Find out more about our orthopedic medicine and surgery.
  • Convenient access: Our sports health doctors make it easy for you to see a knowledgeable specialist when you have an injury or other problem that needs expert TLC. At our convenient locations throughout eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, appointments are available quickly. Find a location.

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Conditions We Treat

Injuries are always worrisome, but you can breathe easy knowing that an expert sports medicine team is standing by to help. From trauma to overuse, our orthopedists and therapists can put you on the road to recovery.

Our orthopedic sports health doctors treat:

  • All types of athletic injuries and issues: From kids with Little League shoulder overuse injury to gymnasts with back issues to people seeking to improve their golf game, we help you work through whatever you’re facing. Get sports medicine care.
  • Concussion: Concussions and other head injuries can be serious. If you have a head injury – whether you hit your head working on a kitchen project or on a sports field – we can evaluate you and recommend treatment. Find out more about concussion care.
  • Chronic medical issues: We regularly help people manage ongoing issues like arthritis, joint pain and tendonitis with medical and therapeutic treatments. Read more about arthritis and musculoskeletal care.
  • Musculoskeletal problems: We treat acute (sudden) or chronic (ongoing) injuries of the bones and muscles, including sprains, strains, fractures or lacerations (cuts). Learn more about sports injury treatments.
  • Wilderness medicine and cold-related injuries: Hiking, hunting and ice fishing are part of the Wisconsin lifestyle – and sometimes, related injuries are too. Our orthopedic and sports health team can help. Learn more about the different injuries and conditions we treat.

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