Larynx & VoiceDisorders


Many people “lose their voice” during cold and flu season. But sometimes, this can happen at other times of the year, and it’s due to something more serious than a cold. There could be a problem with your larynx.

Larynx and voice disorders affect the voice box (larynx) and voice. Some of the more common conditions include: 

  • Noncancerous (benign) vocal cord nodules, polyps or cysts
  • Cancer of the vocal cords
  • Vocal cord dysfunction, which occurs when vocal cords don’t open properly (types include paradoxical vocal fold dysfunction, muscle tension dysphonia and spasmodic dysphonia)
  • Hoarseness caused by age or paralyzed or weak vocal cords 

Treatment Options

Our ear, nose and throat (ENTs) specialists can diagnose and treat these disorders in both children and adults. Your treatment may involve a combination of medication, therapy and surgery. 

Two procedures often performed to address disorders of the larynx are laryngoscopy and microlaryngeal surgery. In a laryngoscopy, your doctor will look down the back of throat with a scope to help find the source of your problem. Microlaryngeal surgery, also called microscopic voice surgery, is used to correct voice disorders in a minimally invasive way. Because no incisions are needed, these procedures typically don’t require a hospital stay.

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