Wound Repair


Traumas, cancer, congenital abnormalities and injuries sometimes leave wounds that heal incorrectly and create scars. Diabetes, poor circulation and infection can prevent wounds from healing altogether. This can cause chronic pain and prevent you from enjoying daily activities.

Wound repair procedures can help you heal completely and minimize scars so you can get back to living the life you love.

Services & Treatment

Your Aurora doctor and care team will meet with you to discuss your needs and concerns. There are a variety of treatment options available for wound repair, including: 

  • Primary sutures: Stitches are used to close a wound.
  • Skin grafts: Healthy tissue is removed from another part of the body and transplanted to the damaged area.
  • Tissue expansion: A small silicone balloon filled with salt water is temporarily placed under the skin, which gradually stretches to provide more skin that can be used in reconstruction surgery. 
Your doctor will discuss the best treatment plan for you. Every Aurora reconstructive plastic surgeon is board certified, offering you expertise and peace of mind. You can count on your Aurora team to support you through every step of your treatment and recovery.

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