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Faculty Orientation

Welcome to our faculty!

This section outlines the requirements for nursing clinical instructors across all Aurora Health Care locations. Please follow the steps below to complete all faculty instructor requirements. The information on this site is updated prior to the start of each new semester.

Unit Orientation 

These are the steps all clinical instructors should take prior to beginning the clinical experience:

  1. Contact the clinical site manager (view hospital unit information and contacts [PDF] to find the appropriate contact for your site).

    You’ll work with the clinical site manager to coordinate and schedule a meeting with clinical site leadership (manager, educator and / or CNS).

    During the meeting with leadership, you’ll complete the following:

    • Review your clinical objectives
    • Schedule a 4 to 8-hour shadow, to be done prior to clinical start
    • Review storage of personal belongings for students on the unit

The Clinical Placement Specialist will serve as the point of contact for:

  1. Badge access [PDF]
  2. Room reservations [PDF] for pre- and post-conference
  3. Site parking specifics (the Clinical Placement Specialist will provide any special parking instructions)

Instructor Computer Resources

Aurora hospitals utilize the Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) software for clinical documentation, result viewing and medication administration.

The expectation is that instructors and students will be trained in the use of the system through e-learnings. If needed, instructors should please utilize additional resources available in the Epic Quick Start Guide [PDF].

Note: a password is required to access the Epic Quick Start Guide. You’ll receive this password at orientation; if you need it resent, please email

  1. Epic Quick Start Guide – Inpatient Student Nurse & Faculty [PDF]
  2. How to Access - Inpatient Student Nurse Training Logins, Passwords & the Epic Playground [PDF]
  3. Student Nurse Inpatient Cosign Tip Sheet Sept 2020 [PDF]
  4. Student Nurse ED Cosign Tip Sheet – WI IL Sept 2020 [PDF]
  5. 2020 Nursing Student and MA Login Guide Oct 2020 [PDF]
  6. Student Nurse and Faculty Orientation e-Learnings [PDF]
  7. 2020 Epic Upgrade - Nursing - Faculty Student Nurse - August Upgrade [PDF]
  8. Inpatient Student Nurse Faculty Epic e-Learnings [PDF]

COVID-19 Resources

Please review these additional materials prior to the start of the clinical experience:


  1. COVID-19 Response for Student Instructor [PDF]
  2. AAH COVID-19 Experience Information [PDF]
  3. Eye Protection FAQ [PDF]
  4. Hand Washing Expectations [PDF]

Site Contacts

See contact information for Aurora Clinical Placement Specialists at all participating sites.

Contact the Program

Connect with Aurora Nursing and MA Student Clinical Placement Specialists.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Aurora’s broad and integrated system not only affords you new opportunities but also new places to explore – from Lake Geneva to Milwaukee to Green Bay.

Nursing Research

Starting an MSN or DNP project? You’ll need the project checklist.


Vaccine Update

Please be patient as vaccine supplies are currently limited.

At this time, we’re vaccinating our most vulnerable patients based on CDC guidelines. If you’re our patient, we’ll contact you to schedule when it’s your turn based on available vaccine supplies.