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Thank you for agreeing to be a preceptor! You are in a special position to develop our next generation of nurses. The ability to provide support to a growing nurse and the ability to teach through hands-on experience is an asset to our team and its future growth. We are grateful for your participation and hard work.

In the process of completing a preceptorship, three meetings are required between the supervising faculty, preceptor and the student (optional involvement: clinical manager). Face to face meetings are preferred, but phone or email accommodations can be made due to the proximity of the university to clinical site.

Preceptor Responsibilities

  1. Attend Initial Preceptor Meeting – driven by faculty
    • Purpose of Meeting: Complete University Orientation
    • Review the expectations of the university for the preceptor-student partnership regarding:
      • Clinical rotations
      • Objectives
      • Skill progression
      • Communication and documentation
      • Evaluation
    • Review the Instructor and Student Orientation
  2. Ensure completion of the Student Clinical Orientation Checklist on the first day of clinical
  3. Establish Meeting #2 (mid-point)
    • Ensure there is a strong working relationship
    • Monitor skill progression
    • Clear Communication with all parties
    • Optimal Learning Environment
    • Resolving any challenges
  4. Establish Meeting #3 (endpoint)
    • End of rotation wrap-up
    • Evaluation completion (if needed)
    • Discussion of any next steps
    • Final touch point with manager (if needed)
  5. At the end of the preceptorship, an Aurora Clinical Placement Specialist will follow up with the preceptor and the student to ensure completion. Please assist the Clinical Placement Specialist to ensure all paperwork is completed.

Precepting Graduate Students (MSN, DNP)

If you are working with a graduate-level student with a project, the preceptor is expected to have detailed knowledge of that project. As the preceptor, the project should be within your scope to oversee. If not, a new preceptor should be considered.

If you are a preceptor of a graduate-level student working on a research project, please review the project checklist.


Site Contacts

See contact information for Aurora Clinical Placement Specialists at all participating sites.

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Nursing Research

Starting an MSN or DNP project? You’ll need the project checklist.


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