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Survivor Advocacy

The Aurora Difference

A Caring Voice and a Helping Hand

Our team of advocates is part of what makes Aurora’s services special. Sexual assault survivors always have someone to turn to for emotional support and guidance during the healing journey.

Advocacy for Sexual Assault Survivors

Advocates help survivors navigate the many pathways a healing journey may take. From discussing counseling options to accessing community resources, we coordinate the services that meet your individual needs. Find out more about our healing services.

In addition to caring for a high volume of survivors, our team has expertise that stems from formal education in areas like psychology and social work. Advocates also receive ongoing training in meeting the unique needs of survivors. This level of experience helps survivors make steady progress, even when the healing journey takes an unexpected turn.

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Most of our services are available at no cost, thanks to generous donors.

Getting Help

Contact a Survivor Advocate

Aurora Health Care makes it easy for survivors to get care and support without traveling great distances. Advocates are available in healing centers throughout the Milwaukee area. Find out more about our locations.

We are also available by phone any time you need us – even on weekends. Our advocates are also available on-site, no appointment necessary. Call us at (414) 219-5555 or learn more: Get help now.

Immediate Support

Advocacy Services for the Immediate Needs of Survivors

Our advocates bring years of experience in helping survivors heal. We offer support and understanding from the moment you contact us. You do not need to make an appointment to come see us. You also do not need insurance. Our support services are available at no cost to you.

Advocacy services may include:

  • Crisis intervention: Helping you move past overwhelming feelings related to the incident. These feelings may include shock or fear. Get more information by reading our sexual assault survivor FAQs.
  • Assistance navigating your healing options: We offer personalized recommendations on the healing services that are best for each survivor. For example, pregnant women whose lives have been touched by domestic abuse receive specialized support from our Safe Mom Safe Baby program.
  • Short-term counseling: We teach you how to cope with unpleasant memories and feelings so you can move forward with your life. Find out more about short-term counseling.
  • Emotional support: Our genuine interest in your well-being helps you feel safe in situations that are often worrisome to survivors, like reporting the incident to the police.

Ongoing Support

Support Available to Survivors Throughout the Healing Journey

Our advocacy services are a source of ongoing support as you progress through your healing journey. At each turn, our advocates explain how we can help.

Ongoing support available to survivors may include:

  • Accompanying you on medical, legal and court-related appointments, including court hearings
  • Helping you communicate with criminal justice and social service agencies
  • Providing referrals to other Aurora services for survivors, like long-term support for survivors
  • Connecting you with other community resources, like financial assistance for buying groceries through FoodShare Wisconsin


Maintaining Your Confidentiality During the Healing Process

We keep everything you share with us in the strictest of confidence. This policy means that we will not share anything you say with others unless you ask us to do so, or we are required by law. If required, we share only the minimum necessary information and only with people who need it, like the police.

Contact Us

Call our 24/7 hotline today at (414) 219-5555, or connect with us via our confidential text line.

Get Involved

Make a difference in the lives of the survivors we care for. Contact us for Volunteer Opportunities.

Come See Us

Get help at a healing center or forensic nursing location – you do not need an appointment. 

Make a Donation

Most of our services are available at no cost, thanks to generous donors. 


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