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Immediate Help

You Don’t Have to Feel Alone. Help is Here.

After sexual assault, it can be difficult to look beyond your circumstances. But know that there is hope. We lend a caring ear and provide an array of services that help you reclaim the health and happiness you deserve.

Our 24-Hour Crisis Line

At Aurora Health Care, our counselors, survivor advocates and forensic nursing experts are available by phone any time of the day or night. For immediate help, call us at (414) 219-5555. Find out more: Why get help?

Here’s what to expect:

  • During normal business hours: Our counselors and advocates provide the support you need right from the start. We listen carefully to anything you wish to share and then explain how we can help.
  • After business hours: Trained specialists take your call. We can connect you with one of our on-call counselors or advocates whenever necessary.

The Aurora Difference

Healing Services for Sexual Assault Survivors

Aurora has been caring for the unique needs of sexual assault survivors since 1986. Since then, our deep experience from treating thousands of men and women helps you make steady progress toward reclaiming your life.

At Aurora, you are not alone. Our comprehensive approach includes walking alongside survivors through every step of the healing journey. Our team includes advocates who specialize in helping survivors navigate healing options and overcome challenges. Learn more about survivor advocacy.

Come See Us

Getting Help After Sexual Assault

Our healing services include specialized nursing exams and one-on-one counseling. You do not need to make an appointment. You also do not need to have insurance. Our support services are available at no cost to you.

Whether the incident occurred recently or years ago, we can help you move past memories that may be holding you back from a happy, normal life.

Come see us at one of our many locations, including:

  • Any forensic nursing location: Our forensic nurses combine compassionate medical care with knowledge of survivors’ legal options. You can speak with one of our forensic nurses even if you do not wish to file a police report. Forensic nurses are available 24/7 in locations throughout eastern Wisconsin. Learn more about our locations.
  • The Healing Center at Sinai Medical Center: We offer forensic nursing and special counseling to meet your immediate needs. This location is our newest facility and includes amenities like comfortable, private meeting rooms and a spa-like shower. Read more about Aurora Health Care Sinai Medical Center.
  • The Healing Center at Sojourner Family Peace Center: We are co-located with many local agencies that support survivors, including the Milwaukee Police Department’s Sensitive Crimes Division. Healing services available at this location include advocacy and access to local support services for domestic abuse survivors, their children and families.
  • Aurora Healing Center on Bruce Street: Most of our long-term counseling programs take place here. This location is a fresh, modern building that is unlike a typical therapy environment. We offer spacious therapy rooms, a rooftop garden and a lending library. Find out more about long-term support for survivors.
  • The Healing Center at West Allis Medical Center: We offer access to advocacy and forensic nursing. Survivors wait in a secure area that’s separate from other clinical departments. Read more about Aurora Health Care West Allis Medical Center.

Things to Know

Helpful Tips for Survivors of Sexual Assault

If you are in immediate danger, call 911. Here are some useful tips about getting help:

Reach out to a trusted loved one

You do not have to be alone. Ask a loved one to come with you to a hospital or healing center. Your loved ones are welcome to stay by your side as we help you start healing.

Don’t shower or clean yourself

If you are considering reporting an assault that recently took place, it is important to save potential evidence. This evidence may include the other person’s DNA or signs of injury that we collect as part of a forensic nursing exam. The choices of whether to report or have an exam are up to you. Find out more about forensic nursing.

Protect your privacy

If you have concerns that someone may see that you’ve been to our website, clearing your browser history can help protect your privacy.

Contact Us

Call our 24/7 hotline today at (414) 219-5555, or connect with us via our confidential text line.

Get Involved

Make a difference in the lives of the survivors we care for. Contact us for Volunteer Opportunities.

Come See Us

Get help at a healing center or forensic nursing location – you do not need an appointment. 

Make a Donation

Most of our services are available at no cost, thanks to generous donors. 


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