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Information for Research Participants

Why Participate

Research Studies Help Us Understand Ourselves

Together with medical researchers, human research volunteers have made every clinical breakthrough from the beginning of the modern medical era possible. Thanks to human subjects, we have a better understanding of many aspects of medicine, including:

  • How our bodies work to keep us healthy
  • Different ways we can fight disease
  • How we can prevent future problems from happening

You may choose to participate in research to make a difference in the lives of people dealing with illness. Or you may volunteer because you or someone you know has a serious medical condition. Whatever your reasons, we value and appreciate your dedication to changing health care for the better.

Read this letter from Nick Turkal, MD, President and CEO of Aurora Health Care [PDF] to hear his thoughts about protecting and respecting research participants during all types of research.

Aurora’s Role

The Role of the Research Subject Protection Program & Institutional Review Board

Our Research Subject Protection Program (RSPP) oversees all research involving human subjects performed at any Aurora location. Our institutional review board (IRB) is an important part of our RSPP.

Members of our IRB review and approve research proposals to make sure researchers meet our ethical and legal standards. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of ethics and professionalism during research studies.

Our IRB also protects the rights, dignity and welfare of people participating in human subject research at or in collaboration with Aurora. We stick to strict policies and procedures to follow all federal, state, and local research laws and regulations.

Learn more about Aurora RSPP/IRB.

Other Protections

Keeping Research Participants Safe

The government also protects you in two major ways:

  • 1979 law: Congress passed a law in 1979 protecting all people who participate in research. They passed this law in response to unethical treatment toward research participants.
  • FDA and HHS oversight: Various departments in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) create laws and regulations to protect human subjects participating in research.

Learn More

Exploring Research Involving Human Subjects

Watch instructional videos, view additional resources and find out more about research participation on the HHS website.

Learn more about Aurora’s research studies at the Aurora Research Institute.

Contact the RSPP/IRB Office

We’re here to answer your research documentation questions.

How to Participate

Find out more about ways to participate in research.

Make a Donation

Your donation can help fund critical research or help to develop new medical products.


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