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About Aurora RSPP/IRB

About Us

Protecting Human Subjects During Research Studies

Aurora Health Care’s Research Subject Protection Program (RSPP) works diligently to protect the rights, privacy and health status of all human subjects who participate in medical research. Our program spans the entire Aurora network, assuring that all researchers are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Additionally, members of our institutional review board (IRB) examine and approve all research proposals to ensure researchers meet ethical and legal standards. See our Federalwide Assurance and IRB Registration.

We promise to uphold the highest standards for all of our research efforts. Our mission includes:

  • Reviewing and approving research proposals according to the ethical principles and guidelines set forth in certain publications. These include the Belmont Report, some sections of the Code of Federal Regulations and the International Conference of Harmonisation Good Clinical Practice Guidelines.
  • Safeguarding the rights, dignity, and welfare of each person who participates in the research process
  • Promoting and maintaining the highest ethical standards in research
  • Facilitating biomedical and behavioral research efforts with a strong foundation of knowledge and cooperative education

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