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Care for Cancer Survivors

The Aurora Difference

Exceptional Care to Live Your Best Life

Your local Aurora Health Care team recognizes the challenge of adjusting to life after cancer. You receive the information, support and medical care you need to live the best and healthiest life possible.

Your team takes some of the uncertainty out of what comes next and helps restore your confidence and independence. Your relationship with us doesn’t stop just because treatment does.

Medical Needs

Watching for Cancer Recurrence & Relieving Late Side Effects

The team at your Aurora clinic continues to care for all your cancer-related medical needs in coordination with your primary care doctor.

Specifically, the team helps you with:

  • Cancer recurrence or metastasis: We understand that you may be concerned that cancer could return (recur) at the same spot or spread (metastasize) elsewhere in your body. We explain which symptoms to watch for and provide you with an individualized plan. You return regularly for tests like blood work and imaging until your doctors feel confident these precautions are no longer necessary.
  • Continued or late side effects: Many therapy side effects go away after a short time. But even with a careful approach, some may linger after treatment or not appear for weeks or months later. Your team can help with the full range of potential side effects, including those affecting sexual drive and function. Solutions could include home care or rehabilitation and therapy.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Your team helps you design a plan for your ongoing health and wellness, including diet and exercise recommendations.
  • Genetic counseling: We may suspect that a particular cancer or group of related cancers runs in your family. Testing may also reveal that you inherited a genetic mutation tied to cancer. Either way, your team can work with you to identify family members who may wish to pursue genetic counseling and testing.

Emotional Help

Working Through the Emotional Impact of Cancer

Completing cancer treatment doesn’t mean emotional challenges or concerns go away for you and your loved ones. Your medical team can answer questions and provide advice, as well as arrange for you to speak with a counselor, social worker or chaplain for further support.

While individual reactions to cancer vary, common issues you may face as a cancer survivor include:

  • Adjusting to a “new normal,” including worries about how long it will take to recover or feel like yourself again
  • Identifying how life has changed and what you want to take away from the experience
  • Assessing how relationships with family, friends and coworkers may have changed and how you can respond
  • Coping with fear of cancer returning and dealing with anger, stress, sadness or depression
  • Maintaining a positive body image and resuming intimacy
  • Returning to work
  • Finding ways to give back


Providing Help with Work, Finances & Insurance

Your team can help you with any cancer-related employment, financial or insurance issues that remain after treatment.

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