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Surgical Innovations in Neuroscience

We’re leading the way with minimally invasive technology and next generation imaging – with the goal of no long-term complications for you.

Cutting-Edge Techniques for the Best Possible Outcomes

OR of the Future

The future is now. See how we’re using aviation technology to create maps of the brain and make surgery easier to navigate – so you can experience improved results with fewer long-term complications.

Expanded Endonasal Approach

This minimally invasive approach allows access to skull base tumors without open skull base surgery. Learn how our surgeons can remove these brain tumors with fewer complications, less risk of infection and faster recovery times.

Minimally Invasive Robotic Techniques

Thanks to integrated robotic technologies, many of our patients are able to remain awake during surgery, use their smartphones and devices during the procedure, and even go home the following day.

Brain Mapping

Brain mapping allows us to create a customized map of your brain, including functions like memory, speech and movement. We then use this map to diagnose chronic and acute conditions and navigate surgical procedures.

Meet the Team

Meet the ANII team. We’re a group of world-renowned neurologists, neurosurgeons and specialists. It’s our goal to give you the most advanced, collaborative, compassionate care possible.


Vaccine Update

Please be patient as vaccine supplies are currently limited.

At this time, we’re vaccinating our most vulnerable patients based on CDC guidelines. If you’re our patient, we’ll contact you to schedule when it’s your turn based on available vaccine supplies.

Research & Clinical Trials

Helping people live well through research innovation.

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