Minimally Invasive  Robotic Techniques

Minimally Invasive Robotic Techniques

Our minimally invasive techniques can lead to better surgical results and improved long-term outcomes. 

A Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Approach

View illustrated details of each stage of this innovative neurosurgical technique.


An invaluable tool for Aurora’s neurosurgeons, brain mapping depicts aspects of a tumor and surrounding healthy tissue with enhanced clarity. This imaging technology allows surgeons to preplan a surgical pathway before a brain surgery procedure even begins – which means a shorter time in the operating room and a faster recovery.

Dynamic Navigation

Neurosurgeons use a GPS-like system that gives them real-time guidance deep within the brain. Patients can see their brain tumor removal on the same computer screen that their surgeons use to track the movements of their surgical instruments.

Safe Access

We use a specialized and innovative tool that minimizes damage to surrounding tissue by allowing neurosurgeons to safely displace the natural folds of the brain as they advance to the target site. This is a critical component of a minimally invasive treatment for brain tumors and other deep-seated neurological disorders.

High-definition Optics

This technology allows neurosurgeons to differentiate tissue types with unobstructed and unprecedented clarity from above the surgical site. Being able to separate diseased tissue from healthy tissue makes it possible to successfully remove what would otherwise be considered inoperable brain tumors, cysts or other growths.

Automated Resection

Using a tool about the size of a pencil, neurosurgeons are able to remove tissue without injury to adjacent healthy brain matter. This technique is another reason Aurora can offer treatment options for conditions, such as brain tumors, that were previously deemed inoperable.

Directed Therapy Options

Neurosurgeons collect and preserve the brain tissue they remove in a sterile, closed-capture device for pathology, molecular and genetic evaluation. These samples provide opportunities to develop personalized treatment regimens for every patient.

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