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Special Services for Survivors

The Aurora Difference

A Helping Hand Through Every Step of Your Healing Journey

Aurora offers comprehensive healing and advocacy services that allow survivors to reclaim joy and peace of mind. Our special services focus on improving mental, physical and social well-being.

Special Services for Sexual Assault Survivors

Aurora is home to the first full-service program in Milwaukee for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. From crisis intervention (responding to urgent and immediate needs) to counseling services, we give survivors a solid foundation for rebuilding their lives. Find out more about our healing services.

Special services take your recovery to the next level. Our offerings include counseling groups that help all people feel welcome and cared for. We also give survivors extra opportunities to heal with a special lending library and access to free yoga classes.

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Most of our services are available at no cost, thanks to generous donors.

Specialized Support

Counseling for Men, Spanish-Speaking Survivors and Loved Ones

During long-term counseling, survivors work toward reclaiming their peace of mind with help from our expert counselors and small groups of fellow survivors.

At Aurora, we offer support groups dedicated to meeting the unique needs of:

  • Spanish-speaking survivors: Aurora is home to one of just a few Spanish-language counseling groups in the Milwaukee area. Counselors who speak Spanish are available in two of our healing center locations. Find out more: Sitio en Español
  • Male survivors: Many male survivors feel that they have no one to turn to. But not at Aurora. We offer men-only support groups that draw survivors from great distances. Our team also includes a male counselor. All of our counselors have deep experience in helping male survivors heal.
  • Loved ones of survivors: Sexual assault often impacts the lives of survivors’ loved ones, including spouses and friends. We help loved ones experiencing unpleasant feelings reclaim peace of mind. We also help loved ones learn more about what they can do to help the survivors in their lives.

More Services

Additional Services for Sexual Assault Survivors

Aurora’s commitment to helping survivors reclaim normalcy in their lives extends beyond counseling and support. We offer additional services that help you take care of yourself. We also eliminate common barriers so you can make steady progress toward healing.

Additional services available at Aurora include:

  • Library services: The Aurora Healing Center on Bruce Street offers a lending library with access to books on sexual assault, healing and wellness. Find out more about our locations.
  • Expert witness testimony: Our forensic nurses are available to provide written and in-person statements about injuries if you choose to pursue your legal options. Learn more about forensic nursing.
  • Body energy and movement classes: Our partnership with CORE/El Centro gives you access to services that can transform your mind, body and spirit. Many survivors are able to relax with the help of yoga classes and massages.
  • Child care services: We offer child care for children ages three through 12 when available to make it easier for survivors to attend group counseling sessions and other appointments.
  • Transportation: We help survivors get to and from counseling sessions and appointments if needed.

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Make a Donation

Most of our services are available at no cost, thanks to generous donors. 


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