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Welcoming Survivors With Open Arms

Aurora is home to the first full-service program in Milwaukee for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. This distinction is why more providers, community organizations and local agencies look to us when someone is in need. We are grateful for every opportunity to make life better for survivors.

Aurora Healing & Advocacy Services

Aurora Health Care provides emotional support, guidance and empowerment to help survivors release the burden that sexual assault has put on their lives. As part of an integrated health system, our program gives survivors access to more services through one team. Our model combines medical care, forensic nursing and specialized support services. Find out more about our healing services.

The Aurora Difference

Healing & Advocacy Services at Aurora Health Care

We expanded our program in 2017 to include services and amenities that are on par with those found in major cities across the country.

These offerings include:

  • Dedicated survivor advocates: Our advocates are a key resource in helping survivors achieve exceptional results. Advocates work closely with survivors, helping them make informed choices at every turn. Learn more about survivor advocacy.
  • The Healing Center at Sinai Medical Center: Our newest healing center allows survivors to receive services in a setting that is unlike typical treatment environments. This secure area offers spacious meeting rooms, comfort items such as blankets and snacks, as well as a spa-like shower. Sinai Medical Center is one of four dedicated healing centers at Aurora. Find out more about our locations.

Make a Donation

Most of our services are available at no cost, thanks to generous donors.

Our Services

Our Healing Services for Survivors of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault

We consider each survivor’s circumstances and preferences before recommending treatments that meet their individual needs.

Our healing services include:

  • Support for pregnant women and newborns: Specialized services, including one-on-one support from a dedicated nurse case manager, help young families move forward after domestic violence. Read more about our Safe Mom Safe Baby program.
  • Forensic nursing: We offer forensic nursing exams in locations throughout eastern Wisconsin. All locations have high-resolution cameras that use ultraviolet light to detect even the slightest signs of injury. Find out more about Forensic nursing
  • Counseling and emotional support: The diversity of our team – which includes master’s-trained men, women and Spanish-speaking counselors, helps us connect with survivors and provide the support they need. Find out more about counseling and support groups.
  • Special services: We offer solutions to common barriers, like transportation and child care, which helps survivors make steady progress toward healing. Learn more special services for survivors.
  • Coordination with community resources: We connect survivors with local organizations that augment our services and create a strong support network. We coordinate referrals to drug and alcohol treatment programs, shelters and job training programs.

Referring to Us

Help Survivors Get the Support They Need

Aurora makes it easy for survivors to get the help they need at any point in recovery, which could be immediately after an assault or days, weeks or years afterward.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please call (414) 219-5555.

You may also refer survivors to us by sharing information about our services and how survivors can get in touch with us.

Survivors can reach us directly by:

  • Calling our 24-hour crisis hotline at (414) 219-5555
  • Visiting one of our Aurora healing center locations (you do not need an appointment)
  • Going to any Aurora forensic nursing location
  • Visiting any Aurora emergency room

Helpful Tips

Things to Know Before Referring to Our Program

Our team helps any survivor who is committed and ready to move forward in their recovery. Thanks to the generosity of donors, grant sponsors and foundations that support our work, our services are available to survivors at no cost.

Before referring a survivor to our program, it may be helpful for doctors and organizations to know that:

  • We believe healing is a voluntary process: We do not accept referrals for “mandated” treatment. We welcome your referrals, but it is ultimately each person’s choice to come to us.
  • Survivors should be substance free: Our program works best when survivors are able to focus on healing. Therefore, we ask survivors to refrain from using drugs or alcohol.
  • We respect survivors’ confidentiality: We strive to maintain good communication with other providers in a survivor’s support network. However, we can discuss cases only with the survivor’s permission unless required by law.

Contact Us

Call our 24/7 hotline today at (414) 219-5555, or connect with us via our confidential text line.

Get Involved

Make a difference in the lives of the survivors we care for. Contact us for Volunteer Opportunities.

Come See Us

Get help at a healing center or forensic nursing location – you do not need an appointment. 

Make a Donation

Most of our services are available at no cost, thanks to generous donors. 


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